The past six Sundays, the Waco Tribune-Herald has again offered, as a public service, lengthy Q&As with local candidates in contested races in the upcoming primary election. In coming days we’ll offer Trib editorial board recommendations of certain candidates who particularly impressed us with their grasp of the issues (many of them complicated), their ability to offer practical solutions to problems and, yes, their talent for consensus-building. As we’ve said before, such recommendations are sometimes based on their politics but more often we ascertain candidates as if they were in a job interview: Based on their answers and demeanor, who would you hire to work for you?

Yet so much more remains for the informed voter to do before early voting in the March 6 primary election begins Tuesday. This includes scrutinizing statewide candidates through such worthy online sites as the nonprofit Texas Tribune (complete with video interviews of the candidates). For instance, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, campaigning on sanctuary city legislation and bathroom bills, faces a Republican challenger in Scott Milder, who touts himself as a “rational conservative leader who will govern with common sense and focus on the critical challenges facing Texas.” Quite a choice.

But don’t forget to study up on local down-ballot races such as the match-up between Justice of the Peace Dianne Hensley and challenger Denny Lessman, both capable public servants. A story on this race, incidentally, is set for Monday.