If you believe all Wacoans should share in the American Dream and, more specifically, the potential inherent in economic prospects percolating around our town, then pencil Oct. 12 on the to-do list. You’re going to the 2017 Prosper Waco Annual Summit from 5 to 8:30 p.m. at the Waco Convention Center.

Waco is at the crossroads in terms of potential. “Fixer Upper” has stressed it’s a terrific place to live. Baylor University has reinvigorated lofty ambitions as a research-oriented institution. Texas Tech’s recently announced expansion of degree offerings locally promises to make college education more of a reality. The range of opportunities as commercial ventures arise downtown and beyond challenge Wacoans in ensuring a dynamic workforce as well as prosperity for all.

Prosper Waco’s 2017 summit will offer real-life models of what banks, employers, educators, health-care entities, government and foundations far and near are doing to ensure local folks of modest means participate in all of this vibrant opportunity. The summit may go a long way toward proving wrong so many naysayers who dismissed Prosper Waco’s approach of bringing different nonprofits together and coordinating their best individual efforts for a far greater good. Best of all, the summit offers opportunities on how each of us can be involved. For more on this very important event, contact jillian@prosperwaco.org.