This weekend, we are welcoming Vice President Mike Pence back to the Lone Star State as his second stop for his “Faith in America” tour that focuses on the important role men and women of faith hold in our nation’s communities. As the vice president conducts the tour and America begins to rebuild, he will put the spotlight on how churches serve our communities and provide crucial connection for many Americans.

This is a critical time as our country is back on the right track to reopen and pull off the greatest American comeback story in history. For most Texans, houses of worship are a place where they spend quality time with their loved ones, break bread with their neighbors and reflect on the lessons from God. It’s a place where happy milestones are created through the baptism of a child or the loving union of two people coming together for marriage. When the time comes, the foundation of a congregation comes together when a member of their community leaves the physical world and enters eternal life.

For years, the Democrats and government bureaucrats have attacked pro-life values and religious liberties, but their outrageous cries have not deterred President Trump, Vice President Pence and the Trump administration. When it comes to religious freedom, the Trump administration’s action cannot be matched. President Trump ordered the creation of a White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative and became the first sitting president to speak at the annual March for Life rally, the largest protest of the practice and legality of abortion. He also signed an executive order targeting the Johnson Amendment, a provision that prohibits non-profit organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates.

Faith communities

The vice president’s Sunday visit comes on the cusp of a renewed and revitalized America where the aftershocks of the coronavirus pandemic are still felt from every rural and urban community in our state. To be successful, the administration is focused on rebuilding the economy and rebuilding trust in our communities — and part of that multifaceted approach includes rebuilding our faith communities.

The administration has been and continues to work around the clock to give states the resources they need to fight coronavirus with federal, state and local elected officials as well as the private sector working in unison for the common goal of getting the American people back to work. President Trump and Vice President Pence helped rebuild the American economy once before and have their sights set on doing it again — but better.

Last month’s jobs report blew expectations out of the water and showed the economy created a stunningly spectacular 2.5 million jobs, the largest one-month gain in U.S. history. The administration’s leadership of the economy during the global pandemic is delivering results for Texans and the American people.

While the Trump administration is finding solutions, Joe Biden has been wasting the time of Texans and the American people. It has been more than 80 days since Biden’s handlers have let him hold a press conference and speak directly with the people. Is it because his biggest enemy is a hot mic and an economic plan that will put taxes through the roof to pay for socialist policies? Texans can see right through his gaffe factory and know he will not have their best interests in mind.

With President Trump and Vice President Pence at the helm of revitalizing and rebuilding our economy, Texans have the faith, trust and spirit to come out stronger than ever.

Dr. Robert Jeffress is pastor of First Baptist Church, Dallas, where Vice President Pence will speak Sunday.

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