Texas has long been deferential to the business sector. So what, you might ask, could possibly go wrong when a group of savvy business proprietors along Waco’s historic La Salle Avenue resolve to capitalize on the presence of former HGTV mega-stars Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Table eatery on the adjoining traffic circle; approach city leaders with a plan to permit only certain sorts of businesses on La Salle going forward (and with certain architectural standards); and City Hall actually takes them seriously? We saw the answer on Tuesday: Other proprietors along La Salle voiced fears of how such an overlay district might impact their future.

Since the 1975 debut of “Saturday Night Live,” the show has been intermittently funny, genuinely topical and largely sympathetic to liberal causes and candidates, Norm MacDonald’s routinely rough treatment of Hillary Clinton notwithstanding. Republicans line up to be guests just the same, but no matter how badly the SNL cast mocks them, everything political said on the air is absolutely protected by the First Amendment.


What were we talking about one year ago? Take a look back.

If last weekend’s shutdown of our federal government proved anything beyond all the finger-pointing left, right and center, it’s that immigration remains a festering problem for many Americans. Controversy inflamed this issue well before the administration of President Trump and even before the administration of Barack Obama. And because this issue continues to percolate, Republican lawmakers must be empowered to develop a real solution to protect our residents, especially given that some today live among illegal immigrant criminals.

When President Donald Trump stops talking about a “bill of love” for “Dreamers” and instead claims that Democrats want to open the floodgates of illegal immigration; when his party puts out a grotesque ad accusing Democrats of complicity in murders committed by illegal immigrants, we should not be surprised. The Washington Post notes, “Trump has repeatedly sought to paint immigrants as dangerous, talking about transnational gangs, such as MS-13, and implementing a travel ban on travelers from some countries in the Middle East and Africa over what he said were concerns about terrorism.”