Tuesday’s death of high-tech pioneer and unorthodox but engaging two-time presidential candidate Ross Perot at age 89 constitutes passage of not only an authentic American patriot and philanthropist but an individual who represented the best of Texas in everything from innovation to independence to ready delivery of chicken-fried witticisms. And while he had maintained a low profile in the years since his grassroots presidential pursuits, his life story has much to emulate and many lessons to learn.


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As Judge Brett Kavanaugh prepares for his confirmation hearings, no institution of American government is more shrouded in mythology than the Supreme Court. The uber-myth is that the court is an objective institution that makes decisions by applying the facts of a case to the relevant statute, constitutional text, intent of the framers and precedents. But in fact, scholars such as Eric Segallwrite,the role of politics is so substantial that "the Supreme Court is not a court and its justices are not judges." Here are five of the most persistent misconceptions.