The 2018 general election has been widely heralded as “the most important election in a generation.” From the climate standpoint, this description is appropriate. While climatologists intensify their warnings that we must decarbonize by 2050, the Trump administration’s every environmental action is decreasing our ability to combat climate change. We will thus compare the climate change portfolio of candidates in several of the major November races.

For those unable and unwilling to wait for Chicken Little’s coming sequel, the United Nations’ latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report provides a heavy helping of unnecessary alarmism and hysteria. The report’s authors warn that “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society” are inevitable absent a radical, World War II-level effort to ratchet down fossil-fuel usage to zero by 2050. At a U.S. taxpayer-funded level of $8 billion, the United Nations presumably has an obligation to provide a level-headed accounting of the facts instead of engaging in fear-mongering.

Many of us past a certain age turned a bit older on Monday. News of Sears’ bankruptcy filing conjured youthful days of homes where the Sears Roebuck & Company catalog was almost as dependable and faithfully consulted as the family Bible, where Sears appliances washed and dried our clothes and refrigerated our food. Almost everyone knew someone who had lived in a Sears Roebuck house.

Nearly two weeks ago, journalist Jamal Khashoggi stepped into the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. He has not been seen since. The Turkish government has signaled evidence exists connecting Saudi Arabia not only with his disappearance but also with his brutal murder. The Saudis have shown zero evidence or even a plausible argument of innocence in response. Saudi responsibility seems practically irrefutable.

Regardless of whether you found Christine Blasey Ford a credible witness in her allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh a few weeks ago in Washington, D.C., surely Republicans and Democrats can agree that victims of crime need our compassion and prompt assistance — and this goes whether crime victims are adults or children, whether they have been sexually assaulted or brutalized by beating.


What were we talking about one year ago? Take a look back.

The Democratic Party’s obsession with Hollywood celebrities was bound to blow up. The party’s reliance on the entertainment industry reached a crescendo during the 2016 presidential campaign when, according to the Wrap, at least 167 Hollywood elites endorsed Hillary Clinton. And these were not passive endorsements. For Democrats, celebrities became a meaningful source of money, message delivery and even a tool for crowd-building at Clinton’s anemic campaign events.

Those raising concerns about the McLennan County Commissioners Court devoting more money toward ensuring Lake Shore United Methodist Church is legally fit to serve as a voting place are right in their constitutional instincts. While Americans today clearly disagree on the notion of church-state separation and whether God permeates the Constitution, most of us would at least agree taxpayer money should not benefit one faith or denomination over another.