A year and a half after the fatal biker shootout at Twin Peaks, several members of the two primary motorcycle clubs connected to the May 17, 2015, incident were both at a motorcycle shop Thursday night, though no violence took place, Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton confirmed Friday.

At about 8 p.m., several motorcycle enthusiasts were gathered at the Harley-Davidson store at 4201 S. Jack Kultgen Expressway, when management called Waco police to report that two known rival motorcycle clubs were at the store that was hosting an event, Swanton said.

Although Swanton would not name the two motorcycle groups, witnesses and police scanner traffic indicated that members of the Bandidos and support groups were at Harley-Davidson before members from the Cossacks and its support groups came and formed a perimeter line around the building.

“Management called in, saying they were having an event there and another group showed up and made everyone feel very uncomfortable,” Swanton said. “Things got very tense because of who showed up . . . but it was significant in the fact that the same groups that were involved in Twin Peaks were involved in (Thursday night’s) events. It got very tense because of those groups coming back together.”

Police were called to the area and staged nearby to monitor the situation. Swanton said about 20 minutes after management called law enforcement, most of both motorcycle clubs and their affiliates left the area without incident.

“We were fortunate that there was not any criminal activity that occurred last night, but I think this serves as a reminder that these groups do not get along and there is still some extreme tension between them,” Swanton said.

Calls to the Harley-Davidson store’s general manager, Bret Posey, were not returned Friday morning.

The Twin Peaks shootout left nine dead and about two dozen injured in the May 2015 incident. More than 170 people were arrested, leading to 154 bikers being indicted on identical first-degree felony engaging in organized criminal activity charges.

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