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Crime scene teams scour the scene of the deadly shootout at Twin Peaks restaurant in May.

Police cleared out of the property of Twin Peaks on Tuesday, more than a week after a May 17 shooting that killed nine people and injured 18, leaving blood spatters, weapons tucked in bags of tortilla chips and half-eaten burgers on tables.

“That scene has been released,” Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said.

It is still unknown what will become of the building after the Twin Peaks corporate office revoked the franchise agreement with the Waco operation and spokeswoman Megan Hecke said May 19 that the Waco location will be closed and will not reopen.

Hecke said last week it remained unclear what will be done with the building in Waco, and a spokesperson was looking into the issue Tuesday. It was not clear Tuesday who owns the building.

Police so far have counted 118 handguns, one AK-47 rifle and 157 knives found inside the restaurant, in the parking lot and hidden in vehicles. Not counted in that number are the batons, brass knuckles and chains, and Swanton said he expects the number of weapons to rise.

He said police think the majority of those weapons were “hastily” hidden or discarded during or after the noon-hour melee. Some of the weapons were found among beer bottles covered in gang-symbol koozies and half-drunk margaritas.

Weapons were reportedly tucked in benches, strewn across the floor, in kitchen stoves, thrown into trash cans and stuffed in toilets. The AK-47 was found in a vehicle in the parking lot, Swanton said.

Only one of those injured in the melee remained in the hospital Tuesday and was listed in “stable and improving” condition.

Swanton did not have more details on the injured person’s identity or injuries. He was not sure if police arrested any of those discharged from the hospital.

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