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McLennan County sheriff Parnell McNamara (left) has a friendly conversation with Ferrell Surette, from the Houston area, as Surette stands with others outside the McLennan County Courthouse supporting the approximately 170 bikers who were arrested in the Twin Peaks shootings.

State investigators have issued a bulletin warning that members of the Bandidos motorcycle gang may be plotting attacks on law enforcement, and law officers in Waco say it's being treated as a serious threat.

McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara says his office received the bulletin Friday issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety. McNamara says the bulletin warns of retaliation against officers and their families following a shootout with bikers in Waco that left nine dead, 18 injured and 170 jailed.

McNamara says threats against law enforcement have streamed in since Sunday's melee at a restaurant in Waco, though some are more plausible than others.

He says, "Are they going to come into town at 100 miles per hour lobbing grenades and firebombs? Right now, we don't know."

2:30 p.m. CDT

Jewelry, a whip and a Bandidos business card are among the items found after warrants were issued to search the belongings of motorcycle club members arrested after a deadly shooting in Waco, Texas.

Other items included a gold ring emblazoned with the words, "1 percent," and a whip with the knife sheath "Cossacks" written on it.

The clothing, patches and other emblems yielded from 41 search warrants reflect the names of at least 10 motorcycle clubs, including the Bandidos and Cossacks gangs blamed for starting the violence Sunday that left nine people dead in Waco.

Several inmates' property included T-shirts that read, "Support your local Bandidos."

1:30 p.m. CDT

Texas lawmakers have approved motorcycle safety legislation that supporters say was going to be discussed at the biker's meeting in Waco where a deadly shootout erupted.

The Texas House on Friday approved the measure, which would funnel state fees to motorcycle safety campaigns. It now heads to Gov. Greg Abbott.

Five men wearing leather jackets and vests watched the vote. They'd advocated for the bill in place of three bikers who helped write the legislation but were among about 170 people jailed following Sunday's melee.

One of those watching from the House gallery, Ty Yocham, says he was delayed by an accident while heading to a meeting at the Waco restaurant where the police-involved shooting occurred. Yocham says he and other bikers running late turned around after hearing about the shooting, which killed nine people.

Investigators say the shooting began during an apparent confrontation between two rival motorcycle gangs, then spilled into the parking lot. Police say they returned fire after being shot at.

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