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A biker who was shot in the arm during the May 17 Twin Peaks shootout and who may have shot another biker was allowed Friday to remove a GPS ankle monitor that he has worn for the past six months.

Judge Ralph Strother granted a motion Friday to amend bond conditions for Jeff Battey, 51, of Ponder, after a hearing in Waco’s 19th State District Court.

Battey, a member of the Bandidos group, was among the first of 177 bikers to be freed from the McLennan County Jail after the shooting, posting a $1 million bond.

Prosecutor Michael Jarrett opposed Battey’s request to remove the ankle monitor, saying he has been identified as a “shooter” during the chaotic biker battle and that he accepted the conditions of his release when he posted bond without an agreement from the district attorney’s office.

Battey’s attorney, Seth Sutton, argued that before May 17, Battey, a former Marine, had never been arrested and that he has maintained a spotless record in the six months that he has been wearing the ankle monitor.

Sutton said it would be unreasonable to force him to keep wearing it. He said it takes Battey two hours twice a day to charge the monitor, which essentially amounts to house arrest, because he is tethered to a 6-foot cord during the process.

The judge also amended a condition that said Battey cannot contact or be around any bikers but left in place a prohibition on contact with Bandidos, Cossacks or any of their support groups.

Sutton called Battey’s mother, Martha Tieszen, as a witness. She said Battey enlisted in the Marines when he was 18 and was honorably discharged after six years. He has a son and a stepdaughter, she said, and has worked at Syracuse Sausage in Ponder for the past 10 years.

Under cross-examination from Jarrett, Tieszen, who said she is living with her son, said she did not know Battey is a Bandido or that he served as the group’s sergeant-at-arms.

Jarrett asked her if she knew her son had decals on his motorcycle helmet that said “GFBD” and “BFFB.” She said she did not.

Jarrett said the decals mean “God forgives. Bandidos don’t,” and “Bandidos forever, forever Bandidos.”

He also asked Tieszen if she knew her son was carrying two tomahawks with him on May 17.

“Do you know why your son would need to have two tomahawks to go eat lunch at a Twin Peaks restaurant?” Jarrett asked.

She said no.

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