The Waco City Council is applying for an almost $250,000 U.S. Department of Justice grant to help offset the cost of responding to the Twin Peaks biker shootout last May 17.

Waco City Council signed off on the application Tuesday for a federal grant to offset the cost of responding to the Twin Peaks biker shootout last May 17.

The city is seeking a $248,841 Justice Assistance Grant from the U.S. Department of Justice. The bulk of the requested funding, more than $240,000, would go to the Waco Police Department for overtime and equipment, with small amounts going to Waco Transit, the Waco Fire Department and the police departments in Robinson, Woodway, Hewitt and Lorena.

“Based on the feedback we’ve received, I believe we will receive a portion or all of the money we’ve requested,” said Frank Patterson, coordinator of the Waco-McLennan County Office of Emergency Management. “There’s no reason to doubt it.”

McLennan County officials have announced plans to seek a separate grant of about $250,000 from the state of Texas to defray the cost of housing and feeding the 177 people arrested the day of the deadly shootout, along with overtime for deputies.

The shootout between rival biker gangs and police left nine people dead and at least 20 others wounded.

Patterson said for both the county and city, the requested amounts cover only a fraction of the actual costs law enforcement incurred at the scene. He said the grant covers overtime but not “straight time.” Since the shooting occurred on a Sunday, the first day of the pay week, many of the officers had to log their hours that day as straight time, and the overtime they worked later in the week is not reimbursable, Patterson said.

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