Twenty-five bikers arrested in the May 17 shootout at Twin Peaks have been released from jail since Thursday, when prosecutors and defense attorneys started negotiating the reduction of bonds.

Two of those released recently include Sandra “Drama” Lynch, of Mart, and her husband, Mike, a plumber.

Sandra Lynch is a well-known advocate for bikers’ rights who reserved the patio for the meeting of a regional bikers’ rights coalition two weeks ago at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco.

The deadly shootout erupted in the Twin Peaks parking lot about 30 minutes before that meeting was to begin.

Also released on a reduced bond this week was Matthew Clendennen, 30, of Hewitt, who filed a federal civil rights suit against the city of Waco and McLennan County last week, alleging he was wrongfully arrested and detained.

The 175 bikers rounded up after the deadly shooting, which left nine dead and 18 wounded, were arrested on engaging in organized criminal activity charges and placed under $1 million bonds.

Attorneys flooded into Waco from around the state last week seeking bond reduction hearings and claiming their clients were not guilty and merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Prosecutors waited to receive more information from police investigators, including reports and videos of the incident, before beginning negotiations with attorneys to reduce bonds and start the process of freeing many of the bikers.

Judges Ralph Strother and Matt Johnson, the county’s two primary felony court judges, have approved the negotiated bond reductions and also have scheduled bond-reduction hearings for every Friday in June and a few in July.

That is, unless they are recused from hearing the cases. Austin attorney Adam Reposa, alleging the judges are biased against the bikers, filed a motion last week to replace the judges. A hearing on his motion has been set for Thursday morning. Retired State District Judge Doug Shaver of Harris County was appointed to hear the recusal motion.

Besides Lynch and her husband, other bikers released on negotiated $25,000 bonds include: Ryan Craft, Jonathan M. Lopez, Theron S. Rhoten, Juan Carlos Garcia, Jim Albert Harris and Drew David King.

Others released on bonds reduced from $1 million to $25,000 include Bohar L. Crump Jr., Morgan S. English, William H. English, Jimmy D. Spencer, Justin N. Waddington, Steven Walker and Greg Corrales.

Those released from jail on bonds reduced to $100,000 include Clendennen, David Cepeda, Diego N. Obledo, Edward Keller, Jarron Hernandez, John Martinez, Jose Andrew Valle, Boyce Rockett and Victor Pizana, according to county records.

David Martinez, who has no attorney of record listed with the county, posted a $1 million bond Monday and was released from jail.

Two other bikers, Jeff Battey and Christopher Stainton, previously posted $1 million bonds and also were released from jail before the negotiations for lower bonds began.

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