Autopsy reports on the nine bikers killed in the May 17 Twin Peaks shootout were released Thursday morning by McLennan County Justice of the Peace W.H. “Pete” Peterson’s office.

The melee also injured 20 people and resulted in the arrest of another 177, two of whom remain in the McLennan County Jail after most of the other 175 — all charged with engaging in organized criminal activity — received individual reductions from controversial initial $1 million bonds.

The nine died as a result of one or more bullet wounds, but ballistics reports are not included with the autopsy reports.

Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman said in June that three Waco officers fired a total of 12 rounds that day.

Police have said the ballistics investigation is being headed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which has possession of more than 475 weapons from the scene, including at least 151 firearms.

The newly released reports do not indicate who killed which men, and most references to bullets refer to projectiles ranging in size from small to large. Gunshot residue kits were submitted for each of the nine killed.

The returned autopsy reports were for:

Daniel Raymond Boyett

Boyett, 44, of Waco, was shot twice in the head and once in the abdomen. Both bullets to his head — one from the top and one from behind — penetrated his scalp and skull. The report says a medical examiner recovered a copper jacket base from one of those bullets. The second bullet to the head was not described. The gunshot wound to Boyett’s abdomen grazed him, leaving copper and lead fragments.

Boyett was wearing a black vest and black boots and had a tattoo that read, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me,” on his right arm.

He had trace amounts of methamphetamine in his system, the report shows.

His Facebook page, deleted May 19, showed numerous photos of him in Cossacks gear and identified him as a regional road captain for the motorcycle club.

Wayne Lee Campbell

Campbell, 43, of Fort Worth, was shot once in the head, with the bullet entering through his chin, exiting and then re-entering through his neck. A medical examiner found five metal, large-caliber, intact bullets in Campbell’s vest pockets, the report says.

Campbell was wearing a black leather vest, black T-shirt, bluejeans, brown boots and metal rings. He had multiple tattoos, including a skull on a woman’s body and “Break this one” with a heart made of bricks on his chest.

The report showed evidence that Campbell had trace amounts of alcohol in his system.

Richard Matthew Jordan II

Jordan, 31, of Pasadena, suffered one gunshot wound to the head. The bullet traveled from back to front, slightly left to right and slightly downward. A severely deformed, medium- to large-caliber, partially jacketed projectile fragment was recovered from the right side of his head and a second, severely deformed, medium- to large-caliber, partially jacketed fragment was recovered from the right side of his neck.

The report shows Jordan also had abrasions on his face and scalp. Jordan tested positive for marijuana on a blood test. The report lists what Jordan was wearing and says five unfired bullets were recovered from the left front pocket of his vest.

He had numerous tattoos, including the word “Lucifer” on his left forearm, and the word “Satan” and an inverted cross on his lower right leg.

Richard Vincent Kirschner Jr.

Kirschner, 47, of Wylie, suffered a gunshot wound to his right thigh, one to the left knee and one in the left buttock. He also suffered a superficial cut to the right side of his neck, a scalp laceration and abrasions to his face, trunk and extremities.

Fragments of a small-caliber bullet were recovered from his left hip. The bullet traveled from back to front and downward. The bullet that struck his right thigh traveled downward, slightly left to right and slightly back to front. Fragments of a jacketed bullet were recovered from his thigh.

Toxicology tests found traces of cocaine and alcohol.

Jacob Lee Rhyne

Rhyne, 39, of Ranger, suffered a gunshot wound to the left side of the neck that partially exited through his upper back and a gunshot wound to the lower abdomen, in addition to abrasions on his right hand.

The report concludes that Rhyne died as a result of the gunshot wound to the neck. That bullet traveled from front to back, left to right and downward, the report shows. Projectile fragments from both gunshot wounds, including copper-colored jacket fragments and white metal fragments, were submitted to the Criminal Investigation Laboratory, the report says.

Jesus Delgado Rodriguez

Rodriguez, 65, of New Braunfels, was shot in the head and in the back. The projectile that was recovered on the left side of his head was not described in the report. The bullet went from front to back and slightly downward.

He also was shot in the right, mid-back. The projectile perforated a rib, his right and left lungs and his heart and exited through his left chest wall. That bullet traveled from right to left, back to front and upward.

Rodriguez tested negative for alcohol or illegal drugs.

Included in a description of what he was wearing was a white metal U.S. Marine Corps tag.

Manuel Issac Rodriguez

Rodriguez, 40, of Allen, suffered one gunshot wound to the head and one in the back. The path of the bullet that struck his head was from front to back, right to left and downward. A severely deformed, apparently medium-caliber, jacketed bullet was recovered from the left side of the neck.

The bullet that struck the right side of his back went from right to left, downward and slightly back to front. A moderately deformed, apparently medium-caliber, jacketed bullet was recovered from the left side of his back.

There was no firearm residue on Rodriguez’s skin, meaning he was not shot at an extremely close range. He also tested negative for alcohol or drugs.

Charles Wayne Russell

Russell, 46, of Tyler, was shot once in the chest. A medium-caliber bullet was recovered from clothing adjacent to an exit wound on the right side of his back. On the base of the bullet is inscribed “15-08020” over “JU”, the report states. The bullet traveled front to back and downward and perforated his sternum, heart, right lung, vertebra and rib.

Russell also suffered lacerations, abrasions and contusions of the scalp, an abrasion on his chin and abrasions to his extremities.

The pathologist found a raffle ticket and a baggie full of a “green, leafy material” in his pants pocket.

Toxicology tests showed Russell tested positive for marijuana and negative for alcohol.

Matthew Mark Smith

Smith, 27, of Keller, had two gunshot wounds — one to his upper back and one to his abdomen. The bullet in his back was described as a “medium-caliber jacketed projectile.” The bullet through his abdomen hit his right kidney and aorta before exiting.

Smith had tattoos of birds on his chest and one of the word “Devotion” on his left wrist, the document says. He was wearing gray jeans, a black vest and a blue cap at the time of the shooting. Smith’s blood tested positive for marijuana.

Vehicle forfeiture documents state that when officers approached the restaurant during the shootout, a Waco police officer saw Jeff Battey and Ray Allen standing behind Twin Peaks “in a triangulated position” to Smith, who was lying on the ground about five yards away and was “gasping for air.” Both Battey and Allen were wearing Bandidos vests.

An officer noticed that Allen had a silver handgun in his hand and said it looked like Battey had been shot in his upper right shoulder, according to the documents.

Battey was arrested upon his release from the hospital the next day. He was the first of the 177 arrested bikers to be released after he posted the full $1 million bond.

Smith’s autopsy report does not specify which of the two gunshot wounds killed him.

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