Two Austin-area men who were present at a 2015 shootout during a gathering of motorcycle clubs and riders in Waco have filed federal civil rights lawsuits against law enforcement officials there.

Complaints filed Tuesday allege Waco Police Department Chief Brent Stroman, Detective Manuel Chavez, District Attorney Abel Reyna and an unnamed Texas Department of Public Safety employee arrested William Brent Redding of Travis County and Thomas Paul Landers of Williamson County solely based upon their presence at the incident and the clothes they were wearing.

Redding and Landers are both members of the Escondidos Motorcycle Club, according to the complaint, whose patches bare a similar color scheme to that of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, which is listed as an outlaw motorcycle gang by the FBI’s National Gang Report.

The documents say motorcycle riders from a variety of clubs including Christian clubs, military veteran clubs, clean and sober clubs, women-only clubs child abuse assistance clubs, sport riding clubs and others were in attendance when gunfire erupted, surprising most in attendance.

The complaint says many of those who were arrested were held because their patches resembled those of the Bandidos or Cossacks Motorcycle Club.

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