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Bryan Thornhill watches his son run to school after he was kicked off the bus last week for "being a little bully."

ROANOKE, Va. — After his son got kicked off the bus last week, rather than drive his son to school in Roanoke, Bryan Thornhill is making his son run — in the rain.

"My son has finally gotten in trouble on the bus enough that he actually got kicked off the bus for three days because he was being a little bully, which I do not tolerate, I cannot stand, and therefore he has to run now to school," Thornhill said in a video last week.

Cruising behind his son, Thornhill delivers viewers a lecture on Facebook Live on parenting and why making his son run to school is a good way to teach his son a lesson. His video has gone viral. The Washington Post and Associated Press wrote about the boy running to school Tuesday morning.

“Hi everybody, welcome to you better listen to your dad 2018," Thornhill says to start the video.

In front of him, his windshield wipers are on to keep a clear view of his son running on the side of the road, his backpack bobbing up and down. His son kept up a nice pace of 6 mph, Thornhill said.

“What I’ve always joked is be fast or be obedient," Thornhill said. "So far we’re working on fast.”

Thornhill said he has two children. Since his son started running to school, he said his son has been behaving better and hasn't gotten into any trouble, compared to last week, when he was "out of his mind."

"This right here is just old school, simple parenting," Thornhill said.

Thornhill said making his son run to school is a healthy form of punishment — since he's getting in exercise — and it's not something harmful like beating a child. He said he wants his children to know that when they misbehave, they will be held accountable and learn a lesson from the punishment.

"Don’t be a friend, be a parent," Thornhill said.

After all of the attention in the news Tuesday morning, Thornhill posted on Facebook to praise the media for highlighting what he felt was a positive story about being a quality parent.

"Hoping that all this will give inspiration around the world," he wrote. "Our children are our future. Being a parent is a choice."

Most of the feedback on his own Facebook page has been positive, while some people have called him a bully for posting a video of his child running in the rain and encouraging viewers to laugh.

“If you’ve got your panties in a wad over watching a kid jog, well I feel sorry for you, you're probably a lousy piece of sh*t,” Thornhill said in the video. “Because if a kid jogging offends you, then get your ass off the couch. You probably need a lap or two.”

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