Waco-area residents have dropped off nearly 300 films and videotapes for digitization in the first three days of the Texas Film Round-Up held at Waco-McLennan County Library locations.

The Round-Up, a collaboration between the Texas Archive of the Movie Image, the Texas Film Commission and the Waco-McLennan County Library, encourages people with film and video footage that has a Texas connection of some sort to turn in those movies and videos for free digitization.

Those turning in non-copyrighted material such as videotaped television shows will get their original film or video back as well as a hard drive or USB drive with the digitized versions in three to six months, said Jessica Emmett, the library’s community services supervisor.

In the first three days of the Round-Up, the first in Waco for the 10-year-old archive, residents have turned in approximately 270 items for digitization.

Waco-related material in the online archive (www.texasarchive.org) includes a 1958 television documentary of a Baylor Theater production when Paul Baker was its director; Waco Elvis Presley friend and fan Eddie Fadal sharing his memories of Elvis; reaction from Leroy residents at Baylor University’s cancellation of a 1988 Willie Nelson concert; 1960s promotional films for Texas State Technical Institute; a family home movie of members playing golf and a Baylor graduation ceremony; and University of Texas football highlights from the 1964 and 1970 seasons.

The central library, at 1717 Austin Ave., will be the drop-off location from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Tribune-Herald entertainment editor

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