McGregor police Thursday afternoon were seeking animal cruelty and drug-related warrants against two men identified as suspects in the discovery Tuesday of the remains of a number of dogs outside a house at 119 Rogers St., said Detective Joe Coy.

Police responding to a call about a foul odor at the house about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday found the recently-dumped remains of a dog in a trash bin. They also found a number of dead dogs chained to trees and bones in an adjacent field. With a search warrant, they found a small amount of marijuana, scales and packaging materials. It appeared no one was living in the house, but someone had reconnected the water for use without authorization.

Two pit bulls were found alive, tied up outside. Assistant Police Chief James Burson said earlier Thursday that police had been checking animal shelters and other possible sources for the dogs in an effort to identify suspects, but Coy said later that suspects had been identified, and their relatives, who live outside the city, had retrieved the two pit bulls, which appeared to be in good condition.

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