A Waco man was placed on deferred probation and ordered to make restitution Wednesday for trying to bilk a cheating husband out of at least $17,250 by threatening to release a video showing him having sex with a stripper.

Charles Henobe Dudzinski, a 31-year-old worker at a Waco candy-making plant, pleaded guilty in September to sexual coercion, a state jail felony, in exchange for a recommendation from prosecutors that he be placed on deferred probation for four years and fined $750.

Judge Matt Johnson of Waco’s 54th State District Court accepted the plea bargain, sentenced Dudzinski to the terms of the agreement and ordered him to pay $7,250 to the victim in the case. Dudzinski’s sentencing was postponed twice so he could come up with a portion of the restitution. He has paid $2,900 toward restitution, court officials said.

Dudzinski’s attorney, Bruce Perryman, said he is satisfied with the sentence the judge issued.

A man, who is not identified in an arrest affidavit, reported in February that Dudzinski threatened to show his family the sex video unless Dudzinski was paid $5,000. The man reported Dudzinski found the sexually explicit video on the woman’s laptop and used it to extort money, according to records filed in the case.

The man told McLennan County sheriff’s deputies he developed a relationship with a woman he met who worked at the Showtime Gentlemen’s Club, 1821 La Salle Ave., and said he paid her $200 for each sexual encounter. On one of those occasions, the woman asked if she could video their encounter with a laptop webcam. The man agreed, according to reports.

Authorities believe Dudzinski was acting in concert with the woman, although she was not charged in the scheme, authorities said.

The man paid Dudzinski the money, but Dudzinski asked for more money later, according to an arrest affidavit. The man paid him $2,250 more, records show.

Dudzinski demanded an additional $10,000 payment in February, again threatening to show the incriminating video to his wife, according to the arrest affidavit.

However, instead of paying Dudzinski, the man reported the coercion scheme to deputies, who asked the man to set up a meeting with Dudzinski at an area business. Deputies arrested Dudzinski after the man paid him $10,000 and Dudzinski handed over the laptop.

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