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Waco and McLennan County officials on Monday ordered local residents to shelter in place during the coronavirus pandemic, requiring them to stay home except for activities deemed essential.

Here's what sheltering in place means for Waco residents:

• Anyone residing in the city must stay in their home, apartment or hotel or motel room, except for essential activities.

• You may leave to go to work at an essential business or to run an errand, such as going to the grocery store, pharmacy or doctor’s office. You may also leave to care for a family member or pet.

• Outdoor exercise is allowed, but you must remain 6 feet away from people.

• All gatherings outside a household are banned, regardless of size.

• Waco Transit will continue to operate, but it will allow only 10 people to ride in each vehicle at a time.

• Essential jobs include health care, construction, airport operations, utilities, first responders, law enforcement and certain government jobs.

• Essential businesses allowed to continue operating include health care operations, grocery stores, farmers markets, convenience stores, liquor stores, social services operations, gas stations, banks, hardware and construction supply stores, plumbers, electricians, exterminators, shipping and mailing services, laundry services, restaurants with delivery or takeout food, schools that provide pick-up meals, office supply stores, airlines, taxis, residential facilities, legal services, accounting services, insurance providers, real estate services, child care facilities, utilities, trash services, animal shelters, janitorial and maintenance services, funeral homes and technology industry companies.

• Restaurants may not allow patrons to wait inside for their orders and are urged to develop a system that prevents lines and allows customers to pick up their orders from their vehicles.

• Child care facilities must only allow 12 or fewer children in one stable group each day. “Stable” means the same children are in the same group each day. If more than one group is cared for at a single facility, each group must be kept separate from one another, and child care providers must not change groups.

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