A Waco woman who says she suffered severe radiation burns during surgery two years ago has filed a lawsuit against a Waco surgeon, a surgical clinic and a local hospital.

Omalene Garon and her husband, Edgar, are seeking unspecified damages in their lawsuit, filed earlier this month in Waco’s 74th State District Court against Dr. David Hoffman, Waco Surgical Clinic, Providence Health Alliance, Ascension Medical Group Providence General Surgery and Ascension Providence.

Hoffman did not return a message seeking comment on the lawsuit. Ascension Texas spokesperson Danielle Hall also declined comment on the lawsuit.

“We are unable to comment on any issues pertaining to pending litigation,” Hall said. “Our highest priority remains providing a safe environment for the patients and communities we are privileged to serve.”

According to the lawsuit, Omalene Garon was admitted by Hoffman for out-patient surgery to Ascension Providence on Sept. 7, 2017. Hoffman performed a mesenteric angiogram, a test used to look at the blood vessels that supply the small and large intestines.

“The nurses, technicians and defendant Dr. Hoffman set up and utilized fluoroscopy without adequate safety precautions during the procedure causing plaintiff Omalene Garon’s abdominal area to be exposed to an excessive dosage of unnecessary radiation,” the suit alleges.

Fluoroscopy is an X-ray technique that provides real-time moving images, effectively an X-ray video.

After the procedure, Hoffman indicated to Garon that she had no complications and that her condition was good. He sent her home, the suit states.

“Several weeks later, plaintiff developed intense burning, pain and a rash in her right abdominal area,” according to the allegations. “Plaintiff sought medical care and was diagnosed as having a severe radiation burn from her superficial skin all the way down to her soft tissue and muscle due to over-exposure of radiation from the mesenteric procedure performed by defendants.”

The radiation burn caused a “huge, deep and painful ulcer” that extended into Garon’s abdomen. Flesh, soft tissue and muscle that was burned slowly died, the suit contends.

“Plaintiff received care from multiple specialists including dermatology, plastic surgery and wound care,” according to the petition. “She had to endure 14 weeks of painful wound care treatments including debridement and over 40 hyperbaric treatments. Plaintiff also required additional surgery to remove an 8-inch diameter area that was too burned to heal.”

The suit, filed on the Garons’ behalf by Lewisville attorney Colleen Carboy, alleges negligence and claims Garon has been permanently disfigured and likely will require ongoing pain management for the rest of her life.

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