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Former Baylor University President and Chancellor Ken Starr said Friday he has no recollection of seeing a 2015 email from an alleged rape victim. The statement came after he told KWTX-TV that he may have seen it.

Ken Starr, former president and chancellor of Baylor University, said in a statement Friday afternoon that an email with the subject line, “I Was Raped at Baylor,” sent to him Nov. 3, 2015, was read by an office assistant and immediately forwarded to the correct department.

In an interview with KWTX-TV Wednesday, Starr said he may have seen the email, which came from a student claiming she was raped in 2009 while she was a Baylor student. His public relations representative, Merrie Spaeth, then interrupted the interview and brought Starr into another room before both re-entered. Spaeth asked for the question about the email to be asked again.

Starr then said he has no recollection of seeing the email.

“The email was promptly forwarded on the same morning by an office assistant to the appropriate senior officer in the Administration responsible for risk management and compliance,” Starr said in the Friday statement.

Starr has faced widespread media criticism for the incident during the Wednesday interview.

‘No recollection’

“Still today, I have no recollection of having seen the email either at the time or later, until the matter was brought to my attention two days ago,” Starr said. “In any event, the victim’s email was handled promptly by my office and in full accordance with proper protocol.”

Starr told the Tribune-Herald in a Wednesday interview that he would remember seeing such an email.

“I will say this,” Starr said in his Tribune-Herald interview. “The office of the president receives a whole lot of emails. I will also say that whoever is president is not going to see all the emails that come. I have no recollection of it, none whatsoever, and I would think I would remember if it was something of that seriousness.”

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