An article published Friday night on the Dallas Morning News website begins this way:

For the first time, Baylor University has revealed details of how it says former football coach Art Briles and others in the school's athletic department handled allegations of a 2012 gang rape involving five players.

After being reported by the student in 2013, Baylor University officials claim head football coach Art Briles, athletic director Ian McCaw and athletics administrator Tom Hill did not report the allegations to the school's Judicial Affairs department.

The story notes that the information released by the university is in response to the tweets sent Nov. 4 by Baylor University football coaches, which claim the assault was in fact reported to Judicial Affairs. Baylor says records show no report was ever made.

Briles' attorney said: "As usual everything Baylor is saying is false," adding, "They're up to the same underhanded and dirty tricks."

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