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BU marked 11 reports on-campus rapes in its federally mandated crime statistics for the 2016, a decrease from 23 reports for the previous year.

Eleven on-campus rapes were reported at Baylor University in 2016, according to crime statistics universities are mandated to submit to the federal government.

The reports, which tightly limit to campus properties and do not reflect findings of courts, juries or investigators of any kind, show a decrease from the 23 rapes Baylor reported at this time last year for 2015.

The university reported six rapes in 2014, five forcible sex offenses in 2013, two in 2012 and none between 2009 and 2011. The U.S. Department of Education began requiring more specific classifications of sexual crimes in 2014, dividing “forcible sex offenses” into the categories of rape, fondling, incest and statutory rape.

Clery Act geography covers university properties and adjacent streets and sidewalks. The statistics include reports made to police, the Title IX office or the over 700 designated campus security authorities, which also include professors, deans and coaches. The incidents themselves did not necessarily occur in the same year they were reported.

The university faces U.S. Department of Education scrutiny for its crime reports compilation. Baylor’s Clery Act specialist, Shelley Deats, declined to make herself available for an interview until Thursday.

“In the past two years, Baylor has hired more staff and continues to provide training to the campus community, citing the importance of timely and accurate reporting,” Deats said through a Baylor spokeswoman. “Baylor is continuously in tune with internal partners and ensures that anyone needing to report a crime, or that might need resources as a victim, knows where to find support and the numerous resources available on campus.”

A Clery Act associate was hired in March, the spokeswoman said, and an audit has been performed on the data from previous years.

“The goal is to ensure that not only people feel comfortable reporting crimes but that they feel they will be investigated, assessed and reported with the utmost care and accuracy,” the spokeswoman said.

Baylor also reported six cases of fondling, eight cases of dating violence, 13 cases of stalking and zero cases of domestic violence on campus. Experts have said sexual and domestic violence among college students is historically underreported.

For at least the second straight year, Baylor reported an uptick in liquor law violations. Seventy-two were reported in 2014, 91 in 2015 and 127 in 2016 — most of which occurred in student housing and resulted in arrests.

Baylor’s enrollment topped 17,000 students this fall.

Texas A&M University’s main campus in College Station of over 64,000 students listed 30 on-campus reports of rape in 2016, and 10 reports of fondling.

Southern Methodist University, its Dallas campus holding about 11,000 students, listed five reports of rape and three reports of fondling in 2016.


McLennan Community College listed zero reports of rape, fondling and most other categories in 2016. It marked two reports of domestic violence, up from zero in 2015. The college also listed one report of dating violence.

About 8,500 students attend MCC.


Texas State Technical College’s Waco campus, which enrolls about 4,000 students each semester, listed nine reports of domestic violence in 2016, down from 18 such reports in 2015 and 12 in 2014. It also listed 20 burglaries, down from 31 in 2015 and 36 in 2014.

TSTC marked one report of rape in 2016, three in 2015 and one in 2014.

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