U.S. Congress, District 17

Bill Flores (incumbent), Ralph Patterson, Kaleb Sims

> Q&As: Flores • Patterson • Sims

State Representative, District 12

Kyle Kacal (incumbent), Timothy Delesandro, Michael Stanford

McLennan County Sheriff

Parnell McNamara (incumbent), Patrick Swanton, Willie Tompkins

> Q&As: McNamara • SwantonTompkins

McLennan County Commissioner, Precinct 1

Kelly Snell (incumbent), Cory Priest

McLennan County Commissioner, Precinct 3

Will Jones (incumbent), Ben Matus

McLennan County Republican Party chair

Jeb Leutwyler, Jon Ker

Unopposed races

State Senate, District 22 — Brian Birdwell (incumbent)

State Representative, District 56 — Charles "Doc" Anderson (incumbent)

10th Court of Appeals District, Place 3 — Al Scoggins (incumbent)

State Board of Education, District 14 — Sue Melton-Malone (incumbent)

19th District Judge — Ralph Strother (incumbent)

74th District Judge — Gary Coley (incumbent)

McLennan County Tax Assessor-Collector — Randy Riggs (incumbent)


Railroad Commissioner — Lance Christian, Wayne Christian, Gary Gates, John Greytok, Ron Hale, Doug Jeffrey, Weston Martinez

Texas Supreme Court, Place 3 — Debra Lehrmann (incumbent), Michael Massengale

Texas Supreme Court, Place 5 — Paul Green (incumbent), Rick Green

Texas Supreme Court, Place 9 — Eva Guzman (incumbent), Joe Pool

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2 — Mary Lou Keel, Chris Oldner, Ray Wheless

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5 — Sid Harle, Steve Smith, Scott Walker, Brent Webster

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 6 — Michael Keasler (incumbent), Richard Davis

Ballot propositions

Proposition 1 — "Texas should replace the property tax system with an alternative other than an income tax and require voter approval to increase the overall tax burden."

Proposition 2 — "Texas cities and counties should be required to comply with federal immigration laws or be penalized by loss of state funds."

Proposition 3 — "Texas should prohibit governmental entities from collecting dues for labor unions through deductions from public employee paychecks."

Proposition 4 — "Texas and its citizens should strongly assert 10th Amendment Rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution which states "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."


LOCAL CONTESTS (all unopposed)

U.S. Congress, District 17 — William Matta

State Senate, District 22 — Michael Collins

McLennan County Democratic Party chair — Mary Duty (incumbent)


Railroad Commissioner

Lon Burnam, Cody Garrett, Grady Yarbrough

Unopposed races

Texas Supreme Court, Place 3 — Mike Westergren

Texas Supreme Court, Place 5 — Dori Contreras Garza

Texas Supreme Court, Place 9 — Savannah Robinson

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2 — Lawrence "Larry" Meyers

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5 — Betsy Johnson

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 6 — Robert Burns

Ballot referenda

Item 1 — "Should the Texas Legislature and the United States Congress pass an economic security and prosperity plan for families that includes higher incomes by raising the state minimum wage to a livable wage, passing the Paycheck Fairness Act to ensure equal pay for equal work, guaranteeing paid family leave to care for a child or ill loved one, fully funding public neighborhood schools, and making a debt-free community college education a reality for hardworking students?"

Item 2 — "Should the Texas Legislature and the United States Congress pass criminal justice reform legislation that ensures equal justice throughout our society without respect to race, socioeconomic status, geographic location, or other factors unrelated to behavior, ensuring as well common sense policies to protect the rights of law enforcement officers, the community, and defendants in the criminal justice system?"

Item 3 — "Should the Texas Legislature and the United States Congress encourage the transition to renewable, non-polluting energy as a means to slow down climate change and its impact on the planet?"

Item 4 — "Should the United States Congress pass the new Voting Rights Advancement Act to protect all American voters?"

Item 5 — "Should the Texas Legislature allow each public institution of higher education (not only private universities) to opt out of the ability to carry guns on campus?"

Item 6 — "Should the United States Congress pass a just and fair comprehensive immigration reform solution that includes an earned path to citizenship for law-abiding immigrants and their children, keeps families together, protects DREAMers, and provides workforce solutions for businesses?"

Sample ballots — McLennan County

Republican Party

Democratic Party

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