Editor's note: This story has been corrected to show that Bellmead incumbent Councilman Travis Gibson beat Ioan Faur and that Elizabeth Palacios won the District 5 seat on the McLennan Community College Board of Trustees.

Voters on Saturday overwhelmingly rejected the $31.5 million bond issue to overhaul the Robinson Independent School District junior high school.

About 1,219 voters cast ballots against the bond issue, five years after passing a $19.5 million bond to build a new intermediate school. Just 535 people voted for the bond.

Robinson ISD school board president Laura Crawford said she is shocked and disappointed by the outcome.

“I’m shocked at how big a margin it was,” she said Saturday night. “I’m disappointed that many people voted against it as a result of misinformation and misinterpreting information. Facebook was not our friend.”

Crawford said people seemed to rely on misinformation spread across social media instead of turning to legitimate sources of information, such as the bond issue website.

“It was a lot of confusion about city and school taxes. A lot of people think they’re connected,” she said. “The school tax and city tax are completely different things. The school district is not going to fix your streets, and the city is not going to build a new school.”

People stated on social media that they would not vote for the school bond because of infrastructure problems in the city, Crawford said, or they voiced opposition to the bond because Robinson ISD is paying off two other outstanding bonds, one of which expires in five years.

“If we wait five years to pay off older bonds, we’re looking at probably twice the amount to pay for construction costs. We’re looking at as much as $60 million,” Crawford said. “It’s something that’s going to have to be done.”

The school district would have used the bond funds to update its multi-building junior high campus, erected in the late 1960s, that serves students in seventh and eighth grades. The plan included significant new construction, demolition of a classroom wing and renovation and repurposing of original buildings that would remain. The bond also would have paid for expansion of the high school agricultural facility.

In 2014, the bond to replace the 50-year-old intermediate school for grades four through six passed by 19 votes, according to Tribune-Herald archives. That successful bond election came after two failed ones in 2011 and 2013.

The $31.5 million bond would have added about $303 per year in property taxes to the average home, valued at $187,095, in the Robinson ISD taxing zone, according to the bond issue website.

Robinson ISD has roughly 2,350 students, up from 2,190 in 2009, according to the Texas Education Agency.

See other election results below:



Place 2

Travis Gibson: 66, 65.4%

Ioan Faur: 35, 34.6%



Franklin Abel: 191, 68.2%

Marilyn Judy: 89, 31.8%


Three at-large seats

George Kilgo: 39

Bob Meneely: 40

Billy Sparks: 26

Russell Stanley Smith: 51


Two at-large seats

Kollin Behrghundi: 74

John Garrett: 143

Odell Nevills: 98

Tommy Roberson: 128

Two unexpired terms

Trevor Baize: 135

Rhonda Honeycutt: 113

Haley Pankonien: 138



Tony Ocampo: 217, 68.9%

Alfredo Macedo: 98, 31.1%

Local option to legalize the sale of mixed beverages in restaurants by food and beverage certificate holders only

For: 255, 76.3%

Against: 79, 23.7%

School Districts

Aquilla ISD

Three seats

Courtney Lewis: 115

Diane Montgomery: 75

Frank Urbanovsky: 60

Jade McCurdy: 58

Mark Hammonds: 56

Dirl Dean Granger: 47

Amber Perez: 43

Candice Barsh: 35

Karen Sexton: 31

Unexpired term

Tim Henderson: 77, 72.6%

Jamie Simmons: 29, 27.4%

Connally ISD

Place 2

Danny Raines: 193, 48.3%

Don Hancock: 207, 51.7%

Crawford ISD

Three at-large seats

Casey Abel: 163

Darren Hayes: 174

Chad Lewis: 274

Amy Maddox: 259

Ricky Steinkamp: 266

Michael Wiethorn: 220

Bond election for $1.9 million for construction, improvement, renovation and equipment for school buildings

For: 346, 70%

Against: 148, 30%

Lorena ISD

Note: McLennan County results only

Two at-large seats

Bruce Cresson: 304

Russ Johnson: 142

Denny Kramer: 319

McGregor ISD

Four at-large seats

Kyle R. Paschall: 295

Robbie Jo Allison: 245

Chad Miller: 283

David Lillard: 303

Midway ISD

Place 6

Ivan A. Green: 389, 30.2%

Andrew B. Popejoy: 899, 69.8%

Unopposed races


Bellmead City Council — Alfreda Love (Precinct 1), Doss Youngblood (Precinct 5)

Beverly Hills City Council (4 seats) — David Gonzales (Mayor), Donato Garcia Sanchez, Darrell Lopez, Lucy Ann Sanchez

Crawford City Council (2 seats) — Lewis Snow, Shane Spence

Lacy Lakeview City Council (4 seats) — Calvin Hodde, Barbara Seitz, Bruce Bundrant, Sharon Clark

Lorena City Council (3 seats) — Chuck Roper, Bill Coleman, Jennifer Grimm

Mart (mayor) — Leonard "Len" Williams

McGregor City Council (2 seats) — Andrew Henderson Sr., David Taylor

Waco City Council — Hector Sabido (District 2), Dillon Meek (District 4), Jim Holmes (District 5)

Woodway (3 seats) — Amine Qourzal, Scott A. Giddings, Jane Kittner


Bosqueville ISD (3 seats) — Debbie Wright-Hood, Russell Devorsky

China Spring ISD (2 seats) — Chris Gerick, Matt Penney

Connally ISD (Place 1) — Dana McCoy

La Vega ISD (3 seats) — Henry C. Jennings, Raymond Koon, Randy Devorsky

Lorena ISD (unexpired term) — Sue Woody

Mart ISD (3 seats) — Frank “Pete” Rowe, Tracy Adler, Richard Green

Midway ISD — Pam Watts (Place 5), Rick Tullis (Place 7)

Waco ISD — Angela Tekell (District 4), Allen Sykes (District 5)

McLennan Community College — Elizabeth Palacios (District 5), Geneva Watley (District 7)

Note: Some of this information is based on seat openings and their incumbents.

Brooke Crum joined the Tribune-Herald as the education reporter in January 2019. She has worked for the Springfield News-Leader in Missouri, Abilene Reporter-News, Beaumont Enterprise and the Port Arthur News. Crum graduated from TCU in Fort Worth.

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