Of 132,556 registered voters in McLennan County, only 5,264 turned out to vote.

Robinson residents opted to keep two city council incumbents and add political newcomer Brenton Lane, a Texas Department of Transportation engineer, to the group.

McLennan County residents cast their ballots Tuesday for four city council races, along with school district elections and seven state constitutional amendments. Fewer than 4 percent of registered voters in the county cast ballots during the election.

Robinson residents kept incumbents Jimmy Rogers, 40, and Stephen A. Janics, 65, on the city council, each of whom were elected in 2015 in an election that ousted three longtime city council members, including then-Mayor Bryan Ferguson, who had served on the council since 1996. Councilman Vernon Leuschner — who was elected with the duo in 2015 — opted not to run this year for another term.

The vacancy left an opening for a newcomer to the Robinson City Council.

Lane, 33, received 275 votes, or 25.68 percent. Rogers received 288 votes, or 28.89 percent, and Janics received 165 ballots in his favor, or 15.41 percent.

Since the council members hold at-large seats, the three candidates with the most votes win.

Challengers Matthew Scott received 136 votes, or 12.7 percent; Charles Hartstack received 122 votes, or 11.39 percent; and Scott Hecox received 85 votes, or 7.94 percent.

Janics said he’s excited to have the chance to continue on with the council. He said he looks forward to continuing to work to improve city streets and attract new businesses.

“We really want to bring businesses into the community and I think we’re on the right path, and with Jimmy Rogers still on board, I think we can continue going in that direction that we established two years ago,” he said.

Rogers, meanwhile, said, “I am excited to be able to serve another term and hope to continue our efforts in improving Robinson and making it the best city it possibly can be.”


Three residents challenged two incumbents for seats on the Bruceville-Eddy City Council. However, residents chose to keep incumbents Gary L. Lucas, 69, a gym teacher and coach; and Pastor Jason Dean, 39.

Lucas received 72 votes, or 28.35 percent, and Dean received 88 ballots in his favor, or 34.65 percent.

Challengers included: Andrew Klarmann, 48, a water operator who received 42 votes, or 16.54 percent; Michael Johansen, 45, a systems operator at Mars Inc. who received 10 votes, or 3.94 percent ; and Deana K. Stewart, 55, an office manager who received 42 votes, or 16.54 percent.

Mayor Connally Bass, 78, ran unopposed, though he still received 92 votes in his favor.


The three incumbents on the Moody City Council will keep their seats for another term.

Tina Herod Eaton, Deloras Inge and Robert Siler were re-elected to their seats on the council.

Eaton received 48 votes, or 28.74 percent; Inge got 30 votes, or 17.96 percent; and Siler received 29 ballots in his favor, or 17.37 percent.

Challengers Richard Moore received 22 votes, or 13.17 percent; Kirk Morgan Sr. got 24 votes, or 14.37 percent; and Jazzmin J. Oliver received 14 votes, or 8.38 percent.


Six people vied for three seats on the West City Council.

The three to receive the most votes included David Pratka, Karla Hoelscher Dulock and Joe Pustejovsky.

Pratka received 161 votes, or 29.49 percent; Dulock got 155 votes, or 28.39 percent; and Pustejovsky received 144 votes, or 26.37 percent.

Challengers Gary Greener received 34 votes, or 6.23 percent; Casey Kelley got 34 votes, or 6.23 percent; Kenneth Bagley received 18 votes, or 3.3 percent.

Mayor Tommy Muska ran unopposed. He received 196 votes.


Cassie L. Smith has covered county government for the Tribune-Herald since June 2014. She previously worked as a reporter for the Beaumont Enterprise and The Eagle in Bryan-College Station. Smith graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington.

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