U.S. Representative, District 17    > Read more

(100% of precincts reporting)
Bill Flores, R149,15760.83%
William Matta, D86,53235.21%
Clark Patterson, L9,6853.94%

State Senator, District 22    > Read more

(100% of precincts reporting)
Brian Birdwell, R211,12570.42%
Michael Collins, D88,65129.57%

State Representative, District 56    > Read more

(100% of precincts reporting)
Charles “Doc” Anderson, R43,96786.54%
Clif Deuvall, L6,83613.45%

McLennan County Commissioner Precinct No. 3    > Read more

Will Jones, R13,30382.96%
David Reichert, L2,73317.04%

Contested city races

City of Moody City Council

T.D. “Red” Watkins9015.90%
Charleen Dowell16729.51%
Tina Herod Eaton15226.86%
John Carpenter15727.74%

City of Robinson, alcohol sales    > Read more


City of West City Council    > Read more

Brian X. Muska56330.51%
Cheryl Marak45424.61%
Stevie Vanek49726.94%
Jack Barber33117.94%

City of West, economic development fund    > Read more


City of Riesel City Council

Phyllis Koester25540.16%
Deanna L. Mulsow8613.54%
Ray Wornat11317.80%
Jeff Tanner18128.50%

City of Riesel, street tax re-authorization


School board races  (Read more)

Axtell ISD

Joe “Scooter” Bays61829.78%
James Caldwell50724.43%
Ricky L. Stecher46022.17%
Brian Frankum49023.61%

Moody ISD

Leann Sanchez28119.65%
Carol Haas38126.64%
Justin L. Foster36325.38%
Jeff Dean40528.32%

Riesel ISD

Ben Saage30721.65%
Ruth Anne Schroeder34524.33%
Adam Benton14210.01%
Mike Searight21315.02%
Chris Dieterich27519.39%
Kooper Sjolander513.60%
Leigh Ann Holloway855.99%

Robinson ISD, Place 3

Barry Gann2,47473.87%
Danielle M. Williams87526.13%

Statewide races

Railroad Commissioner

Wayne Christian, R
Grady Yarbrough, D
Mark Miller, L
Martina Salinas, G

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 3

Debra Lehrmann, R
Mike Westergren, D
Kathie Glass, L
Rodolfo Rivera Munoz, G

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 5

Paul Green, R
Dori Contreras Garza, D
Tom Oxford, L
Charles E. Waterbury, G

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 9

Eva Guzman, R
Savannah Robinson, D
Don Fulton, L
Jim Chisholm, G

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Place 2

Mary Lou Keel, R
Lawrence “Larry” Meyers, D
Mark Ash, L
Adam King Blackwell Reposa, G

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Place 5

Scott Walker, R
Betsy Johnson, D
William Bryan Strange III, L
Judith Sanders-Castro, G

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals Place 6

Michael E. Keasler, R
Robert Burns, D
Mark W. Bennett, L

Uncontested local races

District 12 State Representative — Kyle Kacal, R
State Board of Education, District 14 — Sue Melton-Malone, R
Justice, 10th Court of Appeals District, Place 3 — Al Scoggins, R
District Judge, 19th Judicial District — Ralph T. Strother, R
District Judge, 74th Judicial District — Gary Coley Jr., R
McLennan County Sheriff — Parnell McNamara, R
McLennan County Tax Assessor-Collector — Randy H. Riggs, R
McLennan County Commissioner, Precinct 1 — Kelly Snell, R
City of Moody, Mayor — Ken Brown
City of Riesel, Mayor — Brandon Blasingame
City of Robinson, City Council — Bert Echterling, Jim Mastergeorge, Steven Tindell
Robinson ISD, Trustee, Place 4 — Jeff Strain

How McLennan County voted for president

Donald J. Trump/Mike Pence, R48,24560.58%
Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine, D27,04633.96%
Gary Johnson/William Weld, L2,4913.13%
Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka, G4730.59%
Darrell L. Castle/Scott N. Bradley, write-in520.07%
Scott Cubbler/Michael Rodriguez, write-in70.01%
Cherunda Fox/Roger Kushner, write-in00.00%
Tom Hoefling/Steve Schulin, write-in60.01%
Laurence Kotlikoff/Edward Leamer, write-in100.01%
Jonathan Lee/Jeffrey Erskine, write-in00.00%
Michael A. Maturen/Juan A. Munoz, write-in380.05%
Evan McMullin/Nathan Johnson, write-in6690.84%
Monica Moorehead/Lamont Lilly, write-in10.00%
Robert Morrow/Todd Sanders, write-in00.00%
Emidio Soltysik/Angela Walker, write-in00.00%
Dale Steffes/Paul E. Case, write-in20.00%
Tony Valdivia/Aaron Barriere, write-in10.00%
Uncertified, write-in6030.76%
Over votes50.01%
Under votes8581.07%

Straight party voting

Republican Party31,57762.88%
Democratic Party17,92935.70%
Libertarian Party5381.07%
Green Party1730.34%
TOTAL VOTE - STRAIGHT PARTY50,21762.38% of all ballots cast
Over votes100.01%
DID NOT VOTE STRAIGHT PARTY30,28037.61% of all ballots cast

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