At least three local governing bodies will cancel Nov. 7 elections after only incumbents filed for positions by Monday’s deadline in McLennan County’s eight city council or five school board elections.

But at least five contested races will be held this November.

Here’s a look at how the races were shaping up by Monday afternoon:

City of Bruceville-Eddy

Election: Three at-large city council seats, all of which are two-year terms

Incumbent candidates:

  • Gary L. Lucas
  • Jason Dean
  • Connally Bass, mayor


  • Andrew Klarmann, water operator
  • Michael Johansen, multiple-systems operator at Mars, Inc.
  • Deana K. Stewart, office manager

City of Hallsburg

Election: Three alderman seats

Candidates: Only incumbents applied by deadline.

  • Kathy McNair, a Hallsburg ISD school nurse
  • Larry Thompson, a service technician at Holt Cat, a heavy equipment company
  • Mike Zipperlen, owner of Zip Air, LLC

The write-in deadline for candidates to be on the ballot is Aug. 25.

City of Moody

Election: Three alderman positions

Incumbent candidates:

  • Tina Herod Eaton
  • Robert Siler
  • Deloras Inge


  • Richard Albert Moore
  • Kirk Morgan Sr.
  • Jazzmine J. Oliver

City of Robinson

Election: Three at-large, two-year term city council positions

Incumbent candidates:

  • Steve Janics
  • Jimmy Rogers


  • Charles Hartstack, retired
  • Scott Hecox, doctor
  • Brenton Lane, engineer
  • Matthew Scott, teacher

City of West

Election: Three city council seats

Incumbent candidates:

  • Karla Dulock
  • Tommy Muska, mayor


  • Gary Greener, instructor
  • Kenneth Bagley, disabled

Hallsburg ISD

Election: Two at-large school board seats

Candidates: As of 3:30 p.m. Monday, only incumbents applied.

  • Bobby Kubitza
  • Charlie Conner

Riesel ISD

Election: Two three-year-term seats and one seat for an unexpired one-year term

Candidates for two three-year term seats:

  • Chris Dieterich
  • Kirk Hoelscher
  • Leigh Ann Holloway
  • Tom McClintock — incumbent
  • Glenna Sandhoff

Candidates for the unexpired one-year term:

  • Roger Fitzpatrick
  • Shane Howard

Candidate information was not immediately available for races in the cities of Leroy, Ross and West ISD because officials did not return requests for information.

Both cities have three open city council positions, and West ISD has two board of trustees positions up for grabs.

Only incumbents applied for open city council positions in the city of Riesel and open school board positions with Robinson ISD and Moody.

Elections will be canceled for those entities, city and school officials said Monday evening.

Voters have until Oct. 10 to register before early voting begins Oct. 23.

For more information on these elections, how to file or register to vote, visit

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