Vanguard VASE kids

Vanguard College Preparatory School students collected 42 gold medals at the Region 12 Visual Arts Scholastic Event competition earlier in the spring.

Vanguard College Preparatory School art students won 42 gold medals in the Visual Arts Scholastic Event Region 12 competition this spring.

Five students had entries advance to the state contest. Those were James Johnson, Zane Mach, Lin Nyak, Sophia Serr and Anna Caroline Tillinghast.

Winning two gold medals with their entries were Madi Burch, Mingyung Ji, James Johnson, Lin Nyak, Easton Rogers, Sophia Serr, Dahbin Shim, Anna Caroline Tillinghast and Elizabeth Watson.

Other gold medals were Sophia Bawduniak, Haleigh Borg, Jessica Chu, Nathan Cobb, Kaylee Cooper, Thaddeus Denton, Kortney Fitzke, Bella Garzonie, Andrew Holze, Karch Knoll, Dalton Latham, Casi Lummer, Avril Maldonado, Oscar Padilla, Dalton Sawyer, Ben Tillinghast, Marlow Welch and Jake Willeford.

Vanguard submitted works in charcoal, acrylic paint, metal sculpture, dark room photography, digital photography, linoleum block prints and wood sculpture.

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