Below is a list of results from area city and school board races not included in the Tribune-Herald’s print edition Wednesday. Candidates’ names are followed by their vote count and, in two-way races, the percentage of the vote they received. Winners’ names are in bold.

Bruceville-Eddy City Council

Linda Owens: 266

Hal Wilcox: 190

Allen Trigg: 168

Rick Eaton: 106

Andrew Klarmann: 77

Moody Mayor

Jesse Fugitt: 192, 56 percent

Tina Herod Eaton: 153, 44 percent

Moody City Council

Richard Moore: 199

Jared Alton: 146

Josh Richter: 139

Daniel Welch: 87

Note: Alton was recently hired as a Moody Police Department officer and will likely have to step down from his elected role at an upcoming city council meeting.

It is unknown how the expected open seat will be filled following the expected resignation, city officials said Wednesday.

West City Council

Steve Vanek: 523

Joe Pustejovsky: 457

Brian Muska: 450

Cheryl Marak: 295

Axtell ISD

J.R. Vicha: 752

Brian Hand: 641

Scott Denton: 548

Joey Reinke: 501

Darren Porter: 422

West ISD, Place 4

Holly Klaus Willis: 1,479, 56 percent

Jeni Janek: 1,151, 44 percent

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