Marlin police on Monday confiscated 10 dogs chained without food, water or adequate shade and have launched an investigation of the owner.

The Waco-based Humane Society of Central Texas, which took in the dogs, sent out an emergency bulletin Monday afternoon seeking those willing to adopt dogs to relieve overcrowding at the Waco Animal Shelter caused partly by recent emergency removal situations.

Marlin officers were in the 100 block of Charles Street on a code enforcement call when they heard a noise that sounded like a women screaming, said Cedric Davis, Marlin city manager and interim police chief.

As they looked closer, Davis said they found 10 dogs that he described as pit bulls shackled with heavy chains with no food or water. There were trees on the property, but they did not provide much shade, Davis said.

“It looked like some had battle scars,” Davis said, declining to speculate if the animals had been used for fighting. “That’s what you think of first when you see scars and those heavy chains like that, but we are looking into all aspects of this. Our investigation is pending.”

Davis said the owner of the dogs arrived while he and officers were there. He was bringing them food and water, he said.

The owner was told that he likely could get the dogs back if he provided current shot records and other documentation for the dogs. However, Marlin city ordinances prohibit someone from owning more than four dogs in the city limits, so the man will have to make other arrangements for the dogs if he is able to get them back, Davis said.

No arrests were made Monday, he said.

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