Three former Baylor University students testified Wednesday that former Baylor football player Tevin Elliott sexually assaulted them, with a fourth scheduled to testify Thursday morning.

Prosecutors Hilary LaBorde and Robert Moody revealed to 54th State District Court jurors Thursday that five women have reported being sexually assaulted by Elliott, but the fifth is not scheduled to testify.

Elliott, a former Baylor defensive end from Mount Pleasant, is on trial on two counts of sexual assault allegedly involving two separate incidents with an 18-year-old freshman girl on the same night in April 2012.

That woman, who left Baylor and moved back to California, told jurors Elliott sexually assaulted her twice at a party attended by a number of Baylor athletes at an apartment complex on South Third Street.

She said she had not met him before that night, did not attend Baylor football games and had not seen him again until Wednesday, when they faced each other in court.

The woman said she went to the party with four friends and they separated for a bit at the party. Later, she started looking for her friends and told jurors that Elliott offered to help her look.

She said he grabbed her by the hand and led her outside and away from those gathered for the party. She said Elliott suddenly swooped her up in his arms and carried her toward a pool house. She told him to put her down, and Elliott pushed her onto a muddy slope and sexually assaulted her, she said.

She said she repeatedly told him to stop, but he continued.

“It hurt a lot,” she said. “It was unwanted, unplanned. I felt like a thing.”

The woman told jurors she realized if she stopped resisting, it would not hurt as much.

After the assault, he took her to another area nearby and assaulted her again near a fence, she said.

“At that point, I was feeling pretty defeated,” said the woman, who is now 20.

The woman immediately told her friends that she had been raped and they drove her to the hospital.

Elliott, who was suspended by Baylor head football coach Art Briles after his arrest, denied that he sexually assaulted the woman and said all his sexual encounters have been consensual.

That opened the door for LaBorde to ask about the other women who reported that he assaulted them and allowed them to testify during state rebuttal testimony.

One of the women, a Baylor graduate, testified Elliott sexually assaulted her two weeks before the incident for which he is on trial.

The woman, also a Baylor athlete, said she and Elliott were friends and she asked him to help her move a heavy desk into a spare bedroom at her apartment.

She said he started playing around and got into a playful wrestling match that the 6-foot-3-inch, 250-pound Elliott quickly escalated into an uncomfortable situation for her.

He carried her upstairs, put her on the bed and sexually assaulted her, despite her attempts to get him to stop.

“In his mind, he does not know what rape is,” she said. “To him, it was not rape. To me, it was definitely rape.”

Another female athlete, who graduated from Baylor in 2010, told jurors that Elliott sexually assaulted her after she passed out drunk at her apartment in 2009.

“I felt like he owned me,” she said. “He seemed very sure of himself.”

In hindsight, the woman told the jury, she regrets not having reported it because of the other women who alleged they were assaulted, too.

“This can’t happen anymore to anyone else. That’s why I came forward now. It appears I was the first and I could have stopped it,” she said.

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