A former McLennan Community College student was convicted of sexual assault Thursday in the 2014 rape of a former Baylor University student.

Jurors in 19th State District Court deliberated four hours before finding Adrian Andres Ramos, 24, guilty in the incident at his home near Baylor.

Ramos, who rejected an offer from prosecutors for probation, opted to have Judge Ralph Strother, not the jury, assess punishment. The judge will sentence Ramos on April 16.

Ramos, who is pursuing a degree from Texas Tech University through a program at MCC, did not testify during the three-day trial. He told a police detective on videotape played during the trial that, while the Baylor student was drunk, he believed they had a consensual sexual encounter.

The woman, now 24, said she met Ramos through a mutual friend and they went to a party together on Halloween in 2014. She said Ramos got so drunk that it wasn’t safe for him to drive home, so she allowed him to sleep in her bed.

She said nothing happened that evening, and she and Ramos and their roommates went to another party the next night, where she had too much to drink.

She told jurors Ramos let her sleep in his bed because she was drunk, tired and not feeling well. She awoke later and Ramos was in bed with her, rubbing her chest, she said.

She said she was unable to speak or move. She said she did not reply when Ramos asked if she was ready to have sex. She said her roommate opened the door during the assault and asked if she was OK with what was happening. She said she did not reply, but Ramos said everything was OK.

“I was still trying to gather my voice. I was in shock and I thought it was over,” the woman said.

Two others there that night testified that they heard sounds of a woman moaning coming from the bedroom.

Ramos continued, she said, and she was able to tell him “don’t, don’t” multiple times. She said each time she said “don’t,” Ramos would mock her and repeat her words back to her in question form.

She said she passed out until morning, got up, put on her pants, woke up her roommate and asked her to drive them home. Once they got to their apartment, the woman told her friend what happened. Later, she went to the hospital for a sexual assault exam, she said.

“The defendant took advantage of somebody who couldn’t even move,” said prosecutor Amanda Smith, who prosecuted the case with Christi Hunting Horse. “What kind of man does that to somebody just lying there?”

Smith told jurors in summations that the woman was too drunk to consent to anything.

Defense attorney Josh Tetens told jurors in summations that the woman’s report to police and her testimony were filled with discrepancies and that Ramos never heard her say “stop,” “no” or “don’t.” He also said the woman was giving off mixed signals that Ramos easily could have misinterpreted, including allowing him to sleep in her bed the night before. The woman testified that she made Ramos sleep with his feet at the head of the bed that night.

Ramos, who is eligible for probation, faces up to 20 years in prison. He remains free on bond.

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