A Robinson man who sexually abused two young girls, including a family member, was sentenced to 30 years in prison Monday.

Fredrick Edward Lougheed, 50, pleaded guilty to continuous sexual abuse of a child in one case and eight counts of sexual assault of a child in a case involving a separate victim.

Judge Ralph Strother, who accepted the plea bargains, sentenced Lougheed to 30 years in prison in the first case. In the second case, he sentenced Lougheed to 20 years and 10 years, respectively, on the first two counts, and ordered Lougheed to serve them consecutively, for a total of 30 years. The judge sentenced Lougheed to 20 years on each of the remaining six counts and ordered them to be served concurrently with the first two counts.

Lougheed will serve the terms from the second case concurrently with the 30 years from the first case.

Lougheed; his former wife, Stephanie Lyn Parker-Lougheed, 49; and Trey Allen Cartwright, 37, of Ross, all were arrested in January 2017. Parker-Lougheed, a Lake Air Montessori Magnet School teacher, pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child and was placed on deferred probation for five years in March 2018.

Cartwright pleaded guilty to continuous sexual abuse of a young child, three counts of sexual abuse of a child and three counts of sexual performance of a child last year in exchange for a 40-year term on the first count and 20-year terms on the six other counts.

Fredrick Lougheed and Cartwright were arrested after a girl under the age of 14 reported she was forced to engage in sex with both men. Lougheed also was charged with sexually abusing a young family member.

Officers searching Lougheed’s home found methamphetamine, where the couple lived with their underage children.

Lougheed was found incompetent to stand trial on the sexual abuse charges and was committed to a state psychiatric hospital in September 2018.

In victim-impact statements after Lougheed was sentenced, one of his victims, her mother and sister all said they hated Lougheed for ruining their lives.

“I don’t know which words would best describe how I feel about you,” the victim, now 15, said. “The only word that comes to mind doesn’t even scratch the surface: hate.”

She concluded her statement by saying, “To me, you are less than human and I hope you rot away in your cell.”

The girl’s sister said Lougheed’s face is the “incarnation of nightmares.”

“And now, it is your turn. Look at us Fredrick,” she said. “We are your victims. See our faces. Etch them into the cowardice of your mind’s eye. It’s time, Fredrick, that we become your nightmares. Close your eyes and see the faces that will haunt you as you serve your sentence. These faces will be there each time you remember why you are behind bars. No amount of time you are able to spend in prison could make amends for the way you imprisoned all of us. Our fear of you shackled us. You robbed us of our innocence, emotionally lobotomized us and mentally maimed and disfigured us.”

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