Prosecutors have declined to pursue charges against a former Baylor University men’s basketball manager who was arrested in February on allegations he harassed two women with sexually explicit social media messages.

The McLennan County District Attorney’s Office did not pursue two misdemeanor harassment charges against Alexander Zara, 27.

Prosecutors noted on court documents that the cases were not accepted because “successful prosecution is unlikely.” No additional explanation was given, and a phone message Tuesday for District Attorney Abel Reyna was not returned.

Zara, who had been a student manager since August 2015, was dismissed in January, a month before he was arrested by Baylor police, Baylor officials said.

Baylor police said Zara sent messages to a woman in January and a second woman in February. He did not know the women before he contacted them, according to affidavits to support his arrest.

The woman Zara contacted first blocked his social media account, but he got her cellphone number by lying to two of her friends, court documents indicate. Zara next started sending inappropriate text messages, including a picture of his penis, and a string of 73 messages in less than an hour, according to the affidavit.

”The messages became increasingly obscene, including a picture of Zara holding his penis, suggesting he is well-endowed and they would ‘have a killer time,’ “ the affidavit states. “Zara sent 73 text messages to (the woman) in less than an hour’s time. (The woman) told Zara 17 times to stop messaging her via text message and Facebook.”

Baylor police said Zara told them he lied to the woman’s friends to get her phone number and that he thought the woman would “enjoy” the photo he sent her, the affidavit states.

The woman said the messages upset her. She obtained a no-contact order from the Baylor Title IX Office, the arrest affidavit states. She also requested housing relocation and had people escort her to and from class.

In February, Zara reportedly began contacting another woman at Baylor, who got many “disturbing and crude messages via Facebook from an unknown male,” the second arrest affidavit states.

The woman said Zara’s conversation made her uncomfortable, so she blocked him immediately, the arrest affidavit states. Zara continued to contact the woman, accusing her of being promiscuous, asking her if she was a virgin, saying he had a “place” of his own and that he was “tall,” the court document states.

Court records do not show if Zara had an attorney before the district attorney’s office decided not to pursue the charges.

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