A Waco attorney arrested Thursday on solicitation of a minor charges has represented at least six clients charged with sexually abusing or injuring children in the past two years.

While Kyle Gregory Layman remained free on bond Friday, his attorney contacted court officials to determine how best to handle the 15 felony cases and 48 misdemeanor cases for which Layman is currently representing clients.

“I met with one judge today, and we are going to be informing his clients of the situation so they can make informed decisions about who they would like their representation to be as we progress,” said Waco attorney Robert Callahan, who is representing Layman. “Based on the clients’ wishes, we will coordinate with the judges to make sure there is a smooth transition.”

Layman was arrested after a 14-year-old girl’s mother, a former client of Layman’s, reported inappropriate text messages between Layman and her daughter.

According to court records, Layman, a Baylor University Law School graduate who has practiced law four years, has represented clients charged with indecency with a child, sexual assault of a child, injury to a child and possession of child pornography.

Layman was not on the felony court-appointment list in McLennan County, but court records show he was hired to represent defendants in 34 felony cases. Layman was on the misdemeanor appointment list but has been removed since his arrest, court officials said Friday.

One of the clients charged with sexual assault of a child was sentenced to 10 years in prison in May, and one client charged with indecency with a child and another charged with sexual assault of a child were placed on deferred probation, according to court records.

“Criminal defense attorneys handle a wide variety of cases, and Mr. Layman is undoubtedly a talented attorney,” Callahan said. “He he has gotten a fair share of not guilty verdicts and good results for his clients, yet we do have to take into consideration the optics of the situation and the wishes of the clients.

“I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that Mr. Layman is a friend of mine, so this case is particularly important to us.”

Text messages

McLennan County Sheriff’s Office Detective Joseph Scaramucci took over text message conversations with Layman, posing as the teen, after the girl’s mother alerted authorities about the texts last month. Scaramucci said the last text message he had from Layman while posing as the girl was on Thursday, the day of his arrest.

Scaramucci said officials were concerned because Layman knew where the girl and her mother live, so authorities initiated a speedy arrest in the case. Layman fainted on his front porch when authorities arrived to make the arrest, officials said.

Layman represented a family member of the girl and asked for the girl’s phone number to talk about the case with her, according to court documents filed Thursday. Later, Layman’s conversations with the girl turned more personal in nature and he asked her about “partying, providing him with lap dances and discussing making out with her,” arrest documents state.

In one text message, Layman spoke of drinking alcohol with the girl. He asked for a picture of the girl and responded that, “you look older” than 14, according to arrest affidavits.

On May 15, Scaramucci took over communications with Layman with the girl’s cellphone. The affidavit states Layman discussed wanting to engage in specific sexual activities with the girl and wanted her to call him “Daddy.”

After graduating from Baylor Law School in August 2014, Layman worked as an intern for the Collin County District Attorney’s Office in McKinney. In November, Layman worked for two days as an unlicensed assistant in the district attorney’s office before he was terminated, Collin County officials said.

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