Thirty-nine students of Tabitha Hymer’s Piano and Violin Studio performed a charity concert at the Waco Hippodrome Theatre for two large audiences on Dec. 11.

The audiences enjoyed the music, food, a colorful atmosphere and children dancing with gymnastic ribbons, long, flowing fans and scarves.

A large variety of pieces were performed, including the piano pieces “Frosty the Snowman,” “Winter Memories,” “Over the Rainbow,” “The Entertainer,” “Sakura,” “Over the River and Through the Woods,” “Chattanooga Choo-Choo” and “Whirlwind.”

Violin pieces performed included “Gavotte” by Gossec, “Classical Bash,” “Maiden’s Prayer,” “Bullfrog Blues,” “Cluck Ol’ Hen” and “Danny Boy.”

Piano duets were “Theme from Symphony No. 9” and “Autumn Splendor.” The teacher played the “Chicken Dance” on the accordion and encouraged the audience to participate. She also played “Linus and Lucy” on the piano.

Tavin Maynard controlled the spotlights, multicolored Chauvet lights and sound systems. Mark Coons was the announcer for the event.

Profits from ticket sales were donated to local charities, with $280 given to the Salvation Army and Caritas to help the poor in Waco.

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