Beefmaster award presentation

J.C. Thompson (left), president of South Texas Beefmaster Association presented the 2017 Performance Breeder of the Year award to Swinging B Beefmaster Ranch in Axtell. Accepting the award are (starting second from left) ranch manager John Long and his wife Heather, and ranch owners Mackie and Norma Jean Bounds.

Mackie and Norma Jean Bounds of the Swinging B Beefmaster Ranch in Axtell received the 2017 Performance Breeder of the Year award on Oct. 14 in Robstown from the South Texas Beefmaster Association.

The Swinging B Beefmaster Ranch focuses on performance, according to a news release from the owners. Decisions about performance are made in bull selection, donors, breeding and marketing. The ranch also collects data on newborn calves.

The ranch does sonograms to establish the amount of intramuscular fat, ribeye, rump fat and rib fat in their cattle. They parent-verify every animal born at the ranch and genotype all production for the most accurate information.

Feed efficiency along with female efficiency has become a huge part at Swinging B Ranch, the owners say. All bulls go through a grow-safe test and each have average daily gain and feed-to-gain ratios charted.

Starting in September the same data was being collected on all females at the ranch.

The theory is the more data collected, the better Swinging B can satisfy its customers, the owners said.

Mackie and Norma Jean Bounds also pledged $100,000 to the B.E.E.F. Endowment so research can continue for many years for the Beefmaster breed.

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