Andrew Muhl

Jamie Muhl and his wife, Pat, of Hallsburg accepted a Pioneers of Industry Award from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers in Chicago on behalf of Jamie Muhl’s great-grandfather, Andrew Muhl.

Andrew Muhl (1831-1892) was a leader in refrigeration and the cooling of buildings.

Muhl, who was born in France, was living in Waco when he received U.S. patents for inventing an improved ice-making machine as well as a machine designed to cool buildings.

According to the ASHRAE award, Muhl’s machine produced ice that was superior and cheaper than ice being harvested from rivers, which made it feasible to ship Texas beef to markets in the East and Midwest.

Jamie Muhl has done considerable research into his ancestor’s endeavors. Andrew Muhl had moved to the United States in 1867 and was living in San Antonio when he started operating the Andrew Muhl Ether Ice-Making Machine.

In 1869, the founders of the Waco Medical Association began working with Muhl to form a company to build an ice plant in Waco. Muhl moved to Waco in 1871 and received his U.S. patent on Nov. 28, 1871, for an improved ice-making machine.

Jamie Muhl said the processes used by his ancestor led to the manufacture of commercial ice machines and helped lead to air conditioning for cooling buildings.

Andrew Muhl died Jan. 15, 1892, after suffering a stroke while at work at his ice plant in Temple. He is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Waco.

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