A historical fountain in front of Waco City Hall became functional again in late December.

The Kate Friend Animal Fountain was presented to the city in 1909 by the National Humane Alliance to provide water for horses and dogs.

Kate Friend, born in 1856, came to Waco in 1869 and helped organize the Waco Women’s Club, according to the city. She founded Waco’s first animal shelter and parks system.

Friend donated the money for the fountain. In the 1930s, the fountain was removed and later misplaced for decades, according to the Historic Waco Foundation.

Kate Friend Fountain

The Kate Friend Fountain outside City Hall, donated to the city in 1909 to provide water for horses, is flowing once again.

Waco resident Francis Sturgis found it, and it was later restored and placed on the lawn of City Hall in the early 1980s.

It had to be fixed again before it received more attention when Heritage Square plaza opened in 2000.

Interim Parks and Recreation Director John Rose said the fountain had not been functional for two or three years before its last repair. Parks staffers updated the plumbing design, and it started pumping water once again on Dec. 26.

Rose said the fountain is turned off when a freeze is expected.

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