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A bike share system is seen here in Philadelphia. Waco City Council members will cast their first votes Tuesday on an ordinance revision paving the way for a bike share vendor to operate in Waco.

Waco City Council members are set to cast their first votes Tuesday related to a bike share program that could be riding toward Waco.

The ordinance revision would allow bike share vendors with proper authorization to build bike racks on city property where users could pick up and drop off bikes for short-term use.

The revision is “the first step in creating a bike share program in Waco,” according to city documents. Once the ordinance is approved after two readings, a proposal process will start for vendors interested in operating a pilot program.

The downtown Public Improvement District board in April recommended the city explore options for bringing a bike share to Waco. Waco Mayor Kyle Deaver has said the city council is open to the idea.

City Manager Wiley Stem III said he expects a vendor to be brought on by late fall.

“I like the approach we’re taking,” Stem said. “We’re cleaning up ordinances and we’re taking a very conservative approach bringing in one firm, potentially. I think, through City Center and city of Waco staff, we’ve done a lot of investigation and taken full advantage of everybody else’s trials and tribulations when it comes to this.”

The PID board of downtown stakeholders is proposing a “hybrid” between docked and dockless models of bike share programs.

Public racks, ground-level docks and “geofencing,” which uses GPS, would hold up to 500 bikes. Membership options would be available for frequent users, and fees would likely range from $1 to $4 per hour.

Officials hope to avoid clogged sidewalks and bikes strewn around the city.

“The council has taken a really good approach, and the staff has supported that,” Stem said. “I think we’re doing everything we can, for when we do get a vendor in here, it will be a good experience.”

The council will meet for a work session at 3 p.m and a business session at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the Bosque Theater at the Waco Convention Center.

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