Their brows dripping with sweat in the glare of the evening sun, 11 men stood on stage, staring down at dozens of foot-long corn dogs, ready to begin chowing down as soon as the bell rang and kicked off the eighth annual Corndog Classic at the Fourth on the Brazos.

The people lounging on the lawn at Touchdown Alley at Baylor University’s McLane Stadium had flocked to the gate separating the stage from the crowd, prepared to cheer on the corn dog-eating contestants.

The announcer told the 11 participants they had three minutes to eat as many corn dogs as possible. They could use the water provided to drink or dunk their corn dogs in before eating them. No regurgitation allowed.

The prize: an oversized Styrofoam corn dog bedazzled with red, white and blue sparkles and streamers and tickets to Schlitterbahn Waterpark.