A landlord-tenant dispute threatened to disrupt the tranquility of the Deerfield Estates Venue near Lacy Lakeview, but the owners vow not to let it spoil any couple’s special day.

A five-person investment team, Brazos Barns LLC, agreed Nov. 20 to terminate a lease with tenant Donna Roach for the 11-acre special event and cabin complex off Spring Lake Road.

Roach was $57,540 past due in rent and late fees, which she acknowledged in a signed document from Jan. 23 provided to the Tribune-Herald by Brazos Barns LLC officials. The document indicates that Roach had not paid rent for months, and that a $6,600 check she wrote last year bounced. Roach could not immediately be reached Monday afternoon for comment.

Since the separation was completed Jan. 18, investment group member Andrew Taylor has taken over management of Deerfield Estates and has been assuring anxious customers that their events will go on without interruption.

All commitments will be honored, Taylor said, though he said locating paperwork has proved challenging.

He said the team has made posts on Facebook, and welcomes inquires from anyone with questions about the status of their reservations.

“I believe we can make the place unbelievably better,” Taylor said.

The investors, who have ties with the Homestead Heritage rural Christian community in nearby Chalk Bluff, unveiled the new venue in 2017. The main 5,000-square-foot building was crafted from the timbers of an 1840s Pennsylvania barn by Homestead Heritage artisans, and it is surrounded by rose gardens, a courtyard, fountains and native Texas landscaping. Cabins on the site are also available for rent for $160 a night on weekends and $115 on weekdays.

Deerfield is booked two of every three weekends during the year, Taylor said. An all-inclusive package that allows use of event space, groom and bridal suites, reception area, kitchen and more runs about $5,900, he said.

Users come from all over Central Texas, and from Houston and Dallas, Taylor said.

Taylor said he and the investment group will work to resolve customer service issues and guarantee a more positive experience for users.

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