The status of many Branch Davidians has been determined by a compilation of sources. However, the lists below do not account for all members of the cult.

These members of the Branch Davidian cult were inside the compound, according to previous reports by the FBI, and are believed to have died in the fire Monday:

  • Vernon Howell, 33, leader of the Branch Davidians.
  • Rachel Howell, 23, the legal wife of Vernon Howell.
  • Steve Schneider, 43, Howell’s chief lieutenant, who often negotiated with authorities during the standoff.
  • Judy Schneider, 41, legally married to Steve Schneider but one of Howell’s “wives.”
  • Sherri Lynn Jewell, 43, reportedly one of Howell’s “wives.” She was the mother of Kiri Jewell, who once lived in the cult and now lives with her father in Michigan. Kiri was the subject of a custody suit between her parents, in which former cult members testified to Howell’s abuse of cult children.
  • David Michael Jones, 38, brother-in-law of Howell.
  • Jeffrey Little, 31.
  • Nicole Elizabeth Gent, 23, of Australia. She is the daughter of former cult member Bruce Gent. She was married in a sham ceremony to Jeffrey Little, but reportedly was one of Howell’s “wives” and the mother of a child by him.
  • Wayne Martin, 42, a Harvard-educated lawyer who maintained a law office at Mount Carmel. Three of his children left the compound in the early days of the siege. His wife, Sheila, left after the children. At least some of Martin’s older children presumably died in the compound Monday.
  • Aisha Gyarfas, 17, of Australia, who was expecting a baby believed to be Howell’s.
  • Mary Jean Borst, age 50.
  • Pablo Cohen, 38, an Israeli citizen.
  • Evette Fagan, 32, of the United Kingdom.
  • Lisa Marie Farris, 24.
  • Diana Henry, 28, of the United Kingdom.
  • Paulina Henry, 25, of the United Kingdom.
  • Philip Henry, 23, of the United Kingdom.
  • Stephen Henry, 26, of the United Kingdom.
  • Vanessa Henry, 19, of the United Kingdom.
  • Zilla Henry, 55, of the United Kingdom.
  • Juliete Santoyo Martinez, 30.
  • Jilliane Matthews, age and place unknown.
  • Alison Bernadette Monbelly, 31, of the United Kingdom.
  • Melissa Morrison, 4, of the United Kingdom.
  • Rosemary Morrison, 29, of the United Kingdom.
  • Theresa Nobrega, 38, of the United Kingdom.
  • Floracita Sonobe, 34, of the Philippines.
  • Scott Kojiro Sonobe, 35.
  • Gregory Allen Summers, 28.
  • Lorraine Sylvia, 40, reportedly one of Howell’s “wives.”
  • Doris Vaega, age unknown of New Zealand.
  • Margarida Joann Vaega, 46, of New Zealand. Reportedly one of Howell’s “wives.”
  • Neil Vaega, 37, of New Zealand.

These cult members were in the compound, according to various reports, and presumably died there Monday.

  • Stanley Sylvia, of North Dartmouth, Mass. Apparently joined the cult after Howell made a recruiting trip to New England nine years ago.
  • Michelle Jones, 18, Howell’s sister-in-law and a “wife” he described having sex with when she was 12.

These children were identified earlier by the FBI as being inside the compound. None is believed to have survived the fire Monday.

  • Cyrus Howell, 8, the son of Vernon Howell and his legal wife Rachel.
  • Star Howell, 5, the daughter of Vernon and Rachel Howell.
  • Dayland Gent, 3, of Australia, the son of Nicole Gent and Howell.
  • Serenity Sea Jones, 4, the daughter of Michelle Jones and Howell.
  • Startle Summers, 1, the daughter of Aisha Gyarfas and Howell.
  • Bobbie Lane Koresh, 2.
  • Natalie Nobrega, 11, daughter of William Nobrega of London, England.
  • Lisa Martin, 13.
  • Sheila Martin, 15.
  • Abigail Martinez, 11.
  • Audrey Martinez, 13.
  • Crystal Martinez, 3.
  • Isaiah Martinez, 4.
  • Joseph Martinez, 8.
  • Mayanah Schneider, 2.
  • Hollywood Sylvia, 2.
  • Rachel Sylvia, 13.

These cult members reportedly died on Feb. 28.

  • Peter Gent, 24, was killed in the raid. He is the son of former cult member Bruce Gent, who now lives in Australia, and brother of Nicole Gent, who presumably perished Monday in the compound.
  • Michael Schroeder, 29, was killed on the afternoon of Feb. 28. His body was recovered four days after the shootout.
  • Perry Jones, Howell’s father-in-law reportedly killed in the Feb. 28 shootout.

These are the children who came out of Mount Carmel before Monday and are safe in state custody or with relatives:

  • Joshua Sylvia, the 7-year-old son of Stanley and Lorraine Sylvia, formerly of North Dartmouth, Mass.
  • Renae Fagan.
  • Neharah Fagan.
  • Daniel Martin.
  • James Martin.
  • Kimberley Martin.
  • Tamarae Wendel.
  • Landon Wendel.
  • Patron Wendel.
  • Juanessa Wendel.
  • Natalie Nobrega.
  • Joann Vaega.
  • Mark Jones.
  • Kevin Jones.
  • Heather Jones.
  • Crystal Sonobe.
  • Angelica Sonobe.
  • Bryan Schroeder.
  • Christyn Mabb.
  • Jacob Mabb.
  • Scot Mabb.

These adult members of the cult were either captured or left the compound during the standoff:

  • Norman Allison, also known as Delroy Nash, 28, was captured outside the compound Feb. 28 after an afternoon shootout with authorities.
  • Catherine Mattson, 77.
  • Margaret Lawson.
  • Oliver Gyarfas, 19, of Australia, brother of Aisha Gyarfas. She presumably died Monday in the compound.
  • Kathryn Schroeder, 34. Her husband, Michael Schroeder, was shot to death on Feb. 28. She emerged from the compound after her four children had been released earlier. Three of the children are in the custody of their father, Kathryn Schroeder’s first husband. The fourth is reportedly with relatives in Florida.
  • Sheila Judith Martin, 45, wife of Wayne Martin, an attorney who presumably died in the compound Monday.
  • Brad Branch.
  • Kevin Whitecliff.
  • James Lawter.
  • Gladys Ottman.
  • Annetta Richards.
  • Ofelia Santoya.
  • Rita Riddle.
  • Victorine Hollingsworth.
  • Livingston Fagan.

These cult members survived the fire Monday:

  • Jaime Castillo, 24.
  • Clive Doyle, 52.
  • Misty Ferguson, 16.
  • Derek Lovelock, 37.
  • David Thibodeau, 23.
  • Renos Avraam, 28.
  • Ruth Ottman, 29.
  • Graeme Leonard Craddock, 31, an Australian citizen.

These cult members were not in the compound at the time of the Feb. 28 raid.

  • Paul Fatta. Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for him, but he remains at large.
  • Don Bunds, 62, an engineer.
  • Karen Doyle, who was staying at a cult property in LaVerne, Calif., at the time of the Feb. 28 raid. She is the daughter of Clive Doyle, who survived the fire Monday.
  • Mary Jones, wife of Perry Jones and Howell’s mother-in-law. She was staying in a mobile home in the vicinity of the compound at the time of the Feb. 28 raid and has not been involved in the standoff.

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