The solution

I have waited patiently for some other reader to solve the problem of the David Koresh (aka Vernon Howell, Jesus Christ) siege. However, since the problem is still with us, I must do it myself.

Here is the solution: Handle the situation as if David Koresh were a black man.

The compound would have been leveled when the first federal agent was shot. By this time, a tennis court would have been built over the remains and all would be well in Waco. If you need more instruction, contact the city of Philadelphia as it was done some years ago.

Enough free publicity and on with more important matters.

Nona Baker


Give ultimatum

I just don’t understand. Our society is filled with an immeasurable amount of wrongdoing, and we the people support every single inch of it.

For example, recently we witnessed the murder of several ATF officers.

We the taxpayers have done nothing but suffer through this terrible ordeal, while the mass media have immensely enjoyed covering another bizarre story.

Everyone seems to feel such sympathy for the cult, when it’s quite obvious that they all chose the alternative lifestyle of illegally bearing firearms and infringing on the rights of the community. Why are we so concerned about Vernon Howell and his clan of a few followers, which consists mostly of foreigners he brought into this country?

We can’t say we’re concerned about the children inside the compound and their right to live. After all, we live in a nation which supports the right of abortion, so what makes these children any different from those who are aborted daily?

We’ve spent enough time and money letting Howell and his followers dictate to us, and why do we continue to bring in more tanks, when one bomb can serve as a permanent solution? I say it’s about time we gave Howell and his people an ultimatum.

Nancy Hughes


Psalm of ATF

Vernon Howell, also known as David Koresh, is a self-proclaimed God I do not want.

He maketh ATF agents to lie down in a hail of gunfire and exploding grenades.

He leads FBI negotiators on with his promises. He guides his followers in the path of wrongdoings for his name’s sake.

Even though ATF agents walk through the valley of the shadow of death they shall fear no evil, for they shall prevail. Koresh’s guns and grenades shall be confiscated.

The Texas Rangers prepareth a court date in the presences of Koresh’s peers. They will anoint the juries’ heads with vast amounts of evidence. Their case overflows with evidence.

Surely goodness and loving kindness will follow ATF through its existence and the fallen ATF agents will dwell in the house of our Lord forever.

Dorothy Anderson


False prophets

David Koresh, who are you?

First you say that you are the messiah and then you say that you are a prophet and your followers seem to accept.

But, my good man, I do not believe that you are either the messiah or a prophet of God because the God I serve teaches me in his word that in the end there would be people just like you who would say “I am the (Christ); come and follow after me.”

Ollie Dowless


Not amusing

At this point in time I am very shamed that I am from Waco, and it’s not because of the Mount Carmel compound and the events that have taken place there.

I am ashamed that people have the pure lack of morals and ethics to capitalize on these events.

I do not find anything amusing about the “What’s Up Vern?” t-shirts. People are dead. I don’t recall seeing any t-shirts referring to the Luby’s massacre and I certainly don’t see any reason to make light of this situation.

C.L. Smith


Read the Tribune-Herald's 7-part investigative series on the inner workings of the Branch Davidians. Hours after Part 2 appeared in print, the ATF raided the group's compound.

Read the Tribune-Herald’s account of the ATF raid on the Branch Davidian compound on Feb. 28, 1993. Four ATF agents and six in the compound were killed in the gunfight.

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April 19 and beyond: FBI agents began inserting canisters of tear gas into the Branch Davidian compound in the early morning hours. By noon, it was on fire.

Federal officials left the compound site in late May 1993. As identifications of bodies continued, questions about the survivors, the compound and the cult itself began to emerge.

As the world began to take a critical look back at the events and legal proceedings continue, the ATF's bombshell report forces a shakeup at the top after the raid gone "tragically wrong."

In 1994, the surviving Davidians went on trial in San Antonio. Over six weeks, more than 140 witnesses testified, with the verdict coming just two days prior to the anniversary of the ATF raid.

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