District 4 campaign donations

Dillon Meek

Fiscal Conservative PAC$2,500
Ron Deleenheer$2,000
Robert Callahan II$585
Brad Kinkeade$500
Ryan Lindsey$400
James Peevey$250
Mark Reynolds$250
Rick Brophy$200
Stephen Rispoli$200
Gary Marwitz$200
Valda and Frank Rispoli$200
Bradford and Amanda Holland$200
Brent Wilson$140
Patrick Murphy$100
Jon Gimble$100
Wes Lloyd$100
Curtis Cleveland$100
Wes Bailey$100
Willard Still$100
Alvie Purselley$100
Matt Czimskey$100
W.W. Taylor$100
Bruce Harrell$100
Jimmy Siebert$100
Kary H. Lalani$100
Chris and Elizabeth Deleenheer$100
William Longino$100
David B. Maddox$100
Tom Salome$100
James and Melinda Wren$100
Christopher D. DeCluitt$100
R.E. or Nena Wallace$100
Monte Hulse$100
William R. Pakis$100
Austin A. Kinghorn$100
William & Katie McCunniff$50
Larry and Jean Wayman$50
Othel M. Neely$50
Thomas D. Swann$50

Ashley Thornton

John and Lori Garrison$500
Robin and Kirk Murray$500
Pam Smallwood$500
Mary McDonald$300
William and Michelle L. Bailey II$250
Bob and Alice Baird$200
Ramona A. Curtis$200
Jim Newkham$150
Fundraising event - cash$130
Ashley Thornton$120
David Schleicher$101
Allen Glass Company$100
Anna Clark and Felipe Martinez$100
Becca Sharpless and Tom Charlton$100
Becky and Jimmy King$100
Bruce and Dorothy Neatherlin$100
Charlotte Carpenter$100
Don and Kristi SoRelle$100
Elizabeth Bellinger$100
Helen Hastings$100
Jan Wengler$100
John Alexander and Ruth Boardman-Alexander$100
Karen Matkin$100
Kenneth and Paula Moerbe$100
Loeen and Kerry Irons$100
Meg and Ralph Cooper$100
Nan and Hal Ray$100
Preston and Genie Dyer$100
Tim Holtkamp$100
Kathryn Farmer$75
Carolyn and Tillman Rodabough$50
Ellen Brown$50
Eric Martin$50
Fred and Nancy Gehlbach$50
James Thompson$50
John and Anna Dunbar$50
Mike Morrison$50
Stuart and Elizabeth Smith$50
Terry Lechler$50
Vanya Rhea and Martha Buckner$50
Vern Sauter$50
Anna Hogue$42.75
Sandy and Skip Londos$35
Curtis Cannon$25
David Verdery$25
Gwen Luikart$25
Luis Fernando Arroyo$25
Marie Allen$25
Matt Neatherlin$20
Clay Russell and Calvin Phelps$10
Doug and Robin McDurham$5

Source: Candidates' campaigns


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