The first week of the new year has found some Central Texas television viewers looking for familiar channels in new locations.

A digital subchannel repositioning by Waco’s KWTX-TV, Channel 10.1, started Jan. 2 and affects the CW, Spanish-language Telemundo and MeTV networks, and adds StartTV to the area’s offerings.

The moves come after Gray Television’s fall purchase of Belton public television station KCNT, Channel 46, and the company’s earlier $3.6 billion acquisition of Raycom Media. The latter forced the sale of Waco’s KXXV-TV, Channel 25.1, with broadcasting group the E.W. Scripps Company buying the station. Gray Television owns and operates KWTX-TV, and Raycom had owned KXXV-TV.

The CW channel moves from 10.2 to 46.1, with Telemundo shifting from 25.2 to 10.2 and the regular definition feed of MeTV from 6.2 to 10.3. Joining CW on the KNCT digital subchannels are the high definition feed of MeTV to 46.2 and a newcomer, StartTV, at 46.3.

KCEN-TV, Channel 6.1, is replacing MeTV with the Heroes & Icons channel at 6.3. KXXV vice president and general manager Adam Chase said a decision on what will replace Telemundo at 25.2 will be made in the coming weeks.

Like MeTV, a network whose programming largely consists of television programs from the 1950s to 1990s, StartTV airs television dramas and police-crime shows from the 1980s to 2000s, skewing toward female viewers. Heroes & Icons shows television programming and classic movies with an emphasis on action, war stories and science fiction, skewing toward male viewers. Chicago-based Weigel Broadcasting owns those three networks.

The channel changes have more effects on over-the-air viewers since both Spectrum and Grande Communications, the area’s predominant cable providers, will keep CW and MeTV on their present cable channel positions. Spectrum will have Telemundo on Channels 7, 803 and 1228 starting Thursday.

Television viewers who watch over-the-air signals can pick up the relocated networks by rescanning the channels on their television sets.

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