Love brings Ann Deever (Annie DeYoung) back home to boyfriend Chris Keller (Alec Ehringer) in “All My Sons.”

Arthur Miller’s drama “All My Sons” takes place in 1947 as the nation was recovering from four years of war, but McLennan Community College theater instructor Kelly Parker finds it hasn’t lost its relevancy some 70 years later.

That’s because people still deal with deception, betrayal, love, mourning and values that put profit before people.

“It’s my favorite Arthur Miller play. It’s such a well-written tight play,” said Parker, director of the McLennan Theatre production that opens a three-performance run Thursday at MCC’s Ball Performing Arts Center. “The dialogue still holds up today. It feels just as alive as it did back then.”

In “All My Sons,” a visit by Ann Deever (Annie DeYoung) to former neighbors Joe and Kate Keller (Colton Halliburton and Hannah Young) and their son Chris (Alec Ehringer) at their Midwestern home brings back good memories and bad.

Her former boyfriend was the Kellers’ son Larry, reported missing in action during the recent war and believed dead. Her father Steve was a business partner with Joe, but in prison after selling cracked cylinder heads for aircraft engines that resulted in the deaths of 21 pilots. Joe was equally guilty, but pled ignorance of the scheme and evaded prison.

Chris and Ann now are in love and wishing to marry, against the will of Kate, who still believes Larry is alive, somewhere. Also opposed to their marriage is Kate’s brother George (Christian Templet), who visits his father in prison and learns about Joe’s role in shipping the defective parts.

Tribune-Herald entertainment editor