The Jubilee Theatre’s production of “Clue the Musical” has surprises built into its storyline, as any good murder mystery does, even if from a board game, but director Trent Sutton found one from the beginning:

“When we did auditions, the best eight happened to be all female,” he said. “It was a really happy accident . . . Quality matters — whoever’s the most suited for a part should play it.”

The 1997 musical draws its inspiration from the board game that has players vying to solve a murder mystery by tallying clues on personality, location and weapon. Mr. Boddy (Kristi Hunter) walks the audience through the rules — as in the game, they get cards to keep score — then becomes the one killed off.

Whodunnit? A detective (Joanna Able) joins the action as an audience-aiding sleuth. Is it widow Mrs. Peacock (Gretchen Everett)? Professor Plum (Zoe Seagle) or Col. Mustard (Emma Hunter)? Mrs. Scarlet (Moriah Martinez) or the flamboyant Mr. Green (Liz Snyder). What about the maid Mrs. White (Isabella Rivera)?

“It’s highly comical, a melodramatic over-the-top, larger-than-life thing,” Sutton said. “We wanted an opener that was just fun, a family-friendly entertainment.”

It’s also variable: Cards selected by viewers at the play’s beginning determine its outcome with Mr. Boddy dropping clues to fellow cast members on who’ll turn out to be the guilty party, Sutton said. “It’s a different style of theater with the whole interactive element,” he said.

Tribune-Herald entertainment editor