Corey Kilgannon

Corey Kilgannon

Singer-songwriter Corey Kilgannon returns with his trio to Waco’s Common Grounds Saturday night to share some new songs about some serious topics that weigh on his mind: racism, sexual violence, economic inequality, depression, gun violence and more.

It’s part of his new album “As Above, So Below” and his current tour has him sharing them in what he considers the best environments, house concerts and small venues, to encourage conversation.

“Common Grounds is the biggest venue on our tour,” the Seattle-based songwriter said, calling from Boise, Idaho, where he was scheduled to play a house concert.

Kilgannon’s current tour has him performing not with his full band, but two backing players. It’s a smaller, more personal sound that fits what he hopes his songs do: Start conversations.

“As Above, So Below,” his follow-up to his 2017 debut “The Hollow II,” has him struggling with some dark themes and serious topics, and finding music his way to resolve that struggle.

“No idea is not welcome. Even if the subject stirs up anger — that’s ok, but how do we express it, how do we redirect it?” he said.

His listeners have been open to what he’s shared, although one song did trigger an angry reaction. “I did rewrite National Anthem a little and some women walked out,” Kilgannon said.

His songs point to a measure of hope, he noted. “There’s dark stuff going on in this world. If we could love a little more, we’d be better off,” he said. “I’ve gone through a lot of changes over the last two years. Music is the way I deal with grief, but now I just enjoy it a lot more.”

He’s got a full fall of touring and performing ahead, then a life-changing event that he acknowledges likely will shape a new round of songs. “I’m getting married at the end of the year,” Kilgannon said.

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