New Jubilee Theatre director Angela Everett plans to continue the community theater’s family-friendly productions.

The new theater director for Mission Waco’s Jubilee Theatre, Angela Everett, has good news for those who appreciated the theater’s 2018-19 season: She liked its balance and hopes to continue it in the year ahead.

Everett, 45, is taking over for Trent Sutton, who’s stepping down after two years at the community theater to move on to other interests. Sutton said the completion of a full season at the Jubilee this spring made it a good time to turn it over to a new director.

“When I was asked to come in, my task was to save a sinking ship,” he said. “In a little over two years, I think we’ve done that. It’s been wonderful and the people I’ve worked with have been wonderful. . . . It was time to move on and I felt comfortable that someone could come in and take over.”

The recently completed season met Sutton’s programming goals for the theater. “I had a three-fold mission for creating a season: work that is family-friendly, Christ-centered and social justice-oriented,” he said. This last season featured “Clue the Musical,” “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “12 Angry Jurors,” each drawing slightly different audiences.

The Jubilee Theatre is located in a North Waco neighborhood that Mission Waco has worked to rebuild and revitalize over the years, with the theater providing a community arts component. During his tenure, the 25-year-old Sutton feels the theater has grown a community of people doing shows and attending shows.

He leaves to focus more on his work as assistant director for InSite Shakespeare Studio, which staged its first performance two weeks ago, and his final year at Baylor University’s Truett Seminary. He’s got other projects in the works and doesn’t plan to leave Waco after finishing his seminary degree. “I’m deeply interested in seeing original work come to Waco,” he said.

Everett, 45, previously was on the board of the historic Palace Theatre in Marlin and has nearly 20 years experience as a director in theater, as well as work in Christian-based film and television. She, her husband Zach and their family moved to the Chilton area about 18 years ago to become involved with Golinda Church of Christ.

Two of their six children became involved in Jubilee’s theater program and when Mission Waco took her up on an earlier offer to help out with the theater, she agreed on the condition that her schedule could be accommodated.

That schedule includes four children at home, online English tutoring of Chinese students through the VIPKid program, a master’s degree in Biblical history and archaeology through the online Trinity Southwest University, and periodic archaeological digs in Jordan at Tall el-Hammam, what she and colleagues believe may be the middle Bronze Age site of the biblical city of Sodom.

“I need seven lives to do what I need to do,” she laughed.

Everett intends to continue the type of plays the Jubilee staged in its most recent season and has a rough idea of what might be in the theater’s upcoming season: “Sarah, Plain and Tall” in October, a Christmas show, “Voices from the Titanic” and “Cinderella the Musical.”

“We want to carry on what Trent started,” she said. “We want a whole season you can come to.”

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