Casey Donahew - concert

Casey Donahew has had nearly 20 No. 1 hits over the years.

The last year or so has found Texas country singer-songwriter Casey Donahew with plenty to fill his time. He and his band play sold-out concerts across the state and nation. More than a half million fans follow him on his social media accounts and his music has logged some 70 million streams on Spotify and Apple.

To borrow from his last album, it’s been a wild ride. So when he talks about bringing new music to try out when he plays The Backyard with opening act Shotgun Rider on Saturday, where does he get the time?

“I’m kind of a streaky writer,” the Burleson native said. “I write a lot when I get in a groove or a wave and I’ve had a couple of good waves.”

Enough to stockpile a lot for his next album. “We have a whole bunch of songs, about 20 songs, and I’m not sure what we’re doing with all of them,” he said.

That means his latest Waco appearance likely will feature something new. “We’ll definitely be testing out some new songs to get a reaction and get a vibe,” Donahew said. “Some of them are love songs, party songs, heartbreak songs. And I got out of my comfort zone on a few songs.”

Donahew’s last album, “15 Years, The Wild Ride,” featured a lot of his early hits like “Fallen” and “Double-Wide Dream,” but reworked with fuller arrangements and bigger sound. With nearly 20 No. 1 hits and eight albums over those years behind him, Donahew has the big sound and talent at hand to make sure the new songs get what they need — after input from a live audience.

He and his band plan to hit the West Coast in April with a busy spring and summer filled with festivals and fairs.